Who Has the Best Zero Turn Mower in Sydney?


When you need the power and versatility of a compact tractor, but want the maneuverability and visibility of a zero turn mower, the Ventrac 3400 will give you the best of both worlds and more. Engineered with an innovative articulating frame, the 3400 tractor is the industry’s best combination of visibility, maneuverability, power and versatility. Find out how this ideal combination can turn the work you have to do, into the work you love to do.

Zero Turn Mower Sydney

Zero Turn Mower Sydney


The 3400 models are sub compact tractors with attachments that are built for commercial use, as they will allow operators to get ready to perform the next task more efficiently. This process does not require you to use any tools or have to do any heavy lifting. The 3400 models provide a great blend of the capabilities of a zero turn tractor and a compact tractor. They have the visibility, maneuverability, and versatility that a zero turn will give, but also the versatility of a compact tractor.

But it offers much more than that. The centre articulation frame ensures that your articulating mower will not turf that can happen with many zero turn mower Sydney. The out front of this compact tractor mower allows users to get closer to objects to trim the grass on the lawn them more effectively than a zero turn mower would. The 3000 series will remain stable while moving on slopes and a lighter footprint to get into wetter areas on your yard.

With the correct attachment, 3400 models are also great for removing leaves during autumn with its leaf blower capabilities and for grinding stumps. They are also great during the wintertime in places where snow occurs. These sub compact tractors have blades and a snow blower powerful enough to move large quantities of snow.

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on-site caravans for sale

Onsite Caravans – the Forgotten Holiday Home Option

Onsite Caravans are sometimes forgotten as an affordable holiday home option. Onsite Caravan for Sale are located all across Australia and there many different sizes and quality levels to choose from.

In general family holidays can be expensive, overseas trips with a family of four can add up to $4000 just on flights and then accommodation costs will be added on top. Australia has wide open space and thousands of kilometers of beautiful coastline. Caravan Parks have been an affordable holiday option for Australian families for decades. For an overview here are a number of different accommodation types that Caravan Parks offer;

Un-Powered Sites

Many people come to Caravan Parks with the idea of enjoying the great outdoors with their family. What better way of doing that by camping in a tent with the kids. Un-powered sites are a simple site to set up your tent and they do not provide any electricity. They are the cheapest option in a Caravan Park.

Powered Sites

If you bring your own Caravan to a Caravan Park then a powered site may be more suitable for you. Caravans need electricity for lighting, cooking, and general running of the caravan. You may even want electricity if you are staying in a tent with your family. Perhaps you will have some lighting and portable cooking equipment.


For more comfort and convenience, cabins are the perfect option. More expensive than the unpowered and powered sites, but offer a larger and more relaxing accommodation option.

Onsite Caravan for Sale

Onsite Caravan for Sale

Onsite Caravans

One of the forgotten accommodation types in a Caravan Park is the Onsite Caravans. Many Caravan Parks have areas dedicated to Onsite Caravans. These Caravans are based permanently long term in the park and the owners can come and use their Caravan throughout the year as they wish. This is a great option if you are looking for a place where you can take the family on weekends and holidays without the hassle of calling and asking for availability in the park and paying expensive nightly rates.

Initially, you will need to buy the Caravan. Then there are ongoing costs, such as a quarterly rental cost you will need to pay to the park management for the site that the van sits on.  If you maximize the time you spend in your Onsite Caravan and use it frequently throughout the year you will save money compared paying ad-hoc nightly rates. The risk for a family is the commitment of yearly ongoing costs. If the family does not utilize the Onsite Caravan enough then the yearly costs will be a burden and perhaps the investment was not the right choice for the family.

You may consider looking for Onsite Caravans for sale and see what the purchase prices are. It really depends on the location and quality of the Onsite Caravans. If you find an Onsite Caravan for sale and you like it, there are a few things to consider.

Is the Onsite Caravan for sale the right size for your family? It’s good to make sure that there are enough beds for your entire family. Also consider that you may have visitors who would like to join you on your weekends away, make sure you factor these in.

Where is the Onsite Caravan for sale located? Is it near your home, best to be not too far away from your main residence (2-hour drive is ideal). To make the most of your new holiday investment you will want to make sure its not a hassle to get to.

In terms of price, Onsite Caravans for sale in NSW near Sydney will be the most expensive as this is the largest city and highest income level in Australia. Onsite Caravans for sale in QLD and Victoria are not as expensive as Onsite Caravan for Sale in NSW.

Benefits of Onsite Caravans

Children Friendly

Caravan Parks are a child-friendly environment, and over time children can make strong friendships with other children staying in the park. While in this day and age there are dangerous aspects to consider in major cities and even now in suburban areas, parents can feel quite relaxed with their children playing in a Caravan Park environment. Children can ride their bikes around the park without the danger of fast driving cars. Typically the speed limit in Caravan Parks is 25km per hour and children are a priority. Strangers are not allowed into the park without permission and access to the majority of parks is via a boom gate where identification is verified.

Outdoor Activities

With the internet and our mobile phones taking now so much of our time, outdoor activities are becoming less of a priority. Kids are absorbed in their iPods and phones and have forgotten that there is some much to enjoy in the great outdoors. Holidays in a Caravan Park can teach children and parents how to disconnect.

You may never have considered an Onsite Caravan as a good option for your family, I hope we have shared some information with you. Good luck in your Onsite Caravan search.


Julian Rembrandt has spent the last 10 years in the hotel industry across Australia and Asia. Permanent Onsite Caravans have been around for many decades but the knowledge about how to make the right purchase decision has been limited. Julian helps to educate people on the best ways to go about owning an Onsite Caravan. Julian Rembrandt owns and operates Holidaylife.com.au, a listing site for Onsite Caravan for Sale.


The Original Source:- https://www.holidaylife.com.au/onsite-caravans-the-forgotten-holiday-home-option/

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driving instructors

Learn to Drive Your Way

All of us are capable of learning new things and increasing our skills and knowledge but we don’t all choose to learn in the same way. This is why you will be provided with a range of different learning resources to accommodate your preferred mix of learning styles.

The aim is to produce a personalized training that will enable you to acquire new skills in a more natural and often faster and long lasting way, making your driving instructors enjoyable and interesting.

Traditionally driving instructors have been structured in order to cover a preset syllabus using a system that rigidly followed the “explanation-demonstration-practice” routine, leaving little choice for the learner to think about the best way to learn but to accept passively the method “suggested” by the instructor/teacher.

This method can work with some students but can be highly counterproductive when applied to other students if different approaches are not offered or explored.

At Queensland Driving instructors we understand that we are all different and we learn at different paces by adopting different strategies, that’s why is important to establish your preferred mix of learning styles so that you can learn more effectively and quickly.

You will have noticed that every driving school offer driving instructors that “will meet your personal needs” but do you know EXACTLY HOW?

driving instruction

driving instruction

The suggestions I offer are meant to outline a range of possibilities from which you can choose, rather then being a set of rules to which you must always adhere.

When learning to drive you will come across a great variety of different subjects which are often linked to each other. Only you can decide how to learn a particular skill, provided that you are left free to choose and have access to a great variety of resources.

What are the different learning styles?

It is commonly accepted that people generally tend to learn by using one or a combination of three different learning styles. These are:

-Visual learning

-Auditory learning

-Kinaesthetic learning

Visual learners are referred as “let me see” learners, meaning that they like graphs, diagrams, charts, videos and they are often good at creating a mental picture of things they have seen.

Auditory learners learn best through verbal lectures, talking things through and listening to what others have to say.

Kinaesthetic persons learn best through a hands-on approach, they will want to roll up their sleeves and do something practical to reinforce their learning experience so they will adopt a tactile approach using all of their senses.

During your driving instructors you will find that different subjects require a different approach, this is normal and you will be encouraged to try and test videos, diagrams, demonstrations, briefings, direct experience etc.

In the learning resources section you will find everything you need to make your learning easier and, more importantly, you will be left free to choose the method that suits you best.

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If “a picture is worth a thousand words”, what is a video worth? In today’s world – a LOT. “According to ReelSEO, 82% of surveyed marketers said that Video Marketing for Fitness Businesses has had a positive impact on their business.”

So what, exactly, should you be creating videos about?

  1. Customer Testimonials – Easily the best way to ensure an emotional connection with your potential consumer base, using real people to speak about their experience with your company via video has great potential for creating trust and down the line conversion to become your next customers.
  2. “How To” Demonstrations – For example – use videos to show new clients how to do an exercise properly.
  3. About the Company – introduce your company to new clients.
  4. Advertise new products-ie: new challenges.
  5. Interviews with trainers.
  6. Celebrations like customer appreciation days, company anniversary, when a client reaches a goal.
  7. Seminars/Webinars – live presentations with question and answer sessions.
  8. Video Blogs – take those written blogs and spin them into something even more relatable via video.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Once you get a handle on the easy videos, you can expand the list even more. With the potential for success plus the ideas above, there’s really no excuse for not starting your video strategy now.


marketing for fitness businesses

Company Website

First and foremost, do NOT overlook your company website. Creating more dynamic content directly on your landing page will engage consumers and result in more opportunities to create trust and interest in your gym. Make sure that every video you load, though, has a clear call to action – you need those videos to translate into direct interaction with you or your sales team to get them into your gym.


There’s no denying that Facebook is doing their best to edge out YouTube by encouraging its users to upload videos directly to and reap the benefits of the “auto play” feature. But beyond the simplicity and ease of having everything conveniently located in one place, there are some huge benefits to those using video as Ads on Facebook.

According to Adobe, interested shoppers that view a video are 1.8x more likely to purchase than non-viewers!! So what’s the best way to utilize video and get the best bang for your buck? Building Custom Audiences!

Facebook allows you to create “Lookalike Audiences” based off the habits and interests of viewers! This means you can then set up different campaign objectives (Conversions, Clicks to Website, etc.) directed towards an audience that has similar characteristics of those who are already using your product or services (or that of your competitors)! For new businesses or those without a large list of fans, this is an affordable and effective way of targeting those with their “hands raised”! Possibly the largest benefit to advertising on Facebook rather than traditional forms of marketing (door hangers, magazines, print), is the fact that everything is tracked by the numbers. Facebook makes it very easy to determine the success of online marketing campaigns. It’s simple to find your ROI and cost of client acquisition.

When you decide to jump in and utilize the benefits of video Ads, remember a few key components:

Content is King – More important than the production quality of the video is the content that you’re providing. Nobody wants to sit through a 1-minute commercial about why your $59 Trial is the greatest thing since sliced bread. They’re much more inclined to sit through a 1-minute video explaining the benefits of foam rolling to increase mobility. Be real, authentic, and genuine, educate or entertain your audience, avoid selling them the plane ticket, but SELL THE DESTINATION!

Targeting – Facebook has made it very easy to start generating audience “lists” that you can market directly to. Utilize this feature for a more enhanced user experience. Rather than taking shots in the dark or boosting ads from your page, (remember, 1-3% of your “likes” are seeing your page posts unless you’re paying to boost that viewership) create ad campaigns and utilize other larger companies and interests in your respective industry and start by targeting their followers. Again, the idea is to speak to those who have their hands raised already, rather than trying to convince the general public that they need your services.

Call To Action – Your CTA should feel seamless and natural. Nobody wants to be “caught”, but they do want to be guided. Your customers should feel comfortable taking the next step and guided into doing so with simple sayings like “learn more about our product/service”, “click here to purchase our product/service”, “follow this link to register for our webinar”, etc. If you include a CTA throughout your video or sales page, they should progress from the softest of CTAs, to more firm CTAs towards the end. Those that make it through an entire video or read an entire sales page are the most informed and should respond best when it’s time to “ask for the sale”.


If you haven’t been introduced to this gem, you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years. You can find a video about literally anything on YouTube’s various channels and it is sometimes difficult to get seen through all the noise, but you can not overlook this behemoth of a site when it comes to advertising.

“YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.” YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.

If that is your target demographic, you better become familiar with the ins and outs of YouTube. The number one thing that you need to know is that you need to create content; not advertisements, for the best engagement rate on YouTube. And, gaining an audience does not happen overnight. Getting traction can take a while.

“Keep in mind that now more than ever it takes some time and patience to build your YouTube audience. Focus on creating the best quality and most valuable content you can for your audience.”

You need to have a brand ambassador – someone who becomes synonymous with your gym/brand. This person should be included in all of your marketing on YouTube. And, you need to include links to your company page as well.

Just as with Facebook ads, you need to ensure that you have an obvious call to action. See above for more information about CTA’s. While we tend to gravitate to the ease of use of Facebook advertising, the sheer number of people who use YouTube should make you think seriously about using this medium as another potential tool in your social media marketing plan.

Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter

While YouTube and Facebook are the first two obvious places to direct your video content, Vimeo, Instagram and Twitter all target different demographics. My next post will discuss where you can most likely find your core audience to determine the best way to get their attention.

Marketing is an essential requirement to growing any business. For many of you the time and attention you can dedicate to marketing is minimal. We understand this being gym owners ourselves. If you’d like to hear more about how we can help take that responsibility off your plate, while having us invest in your business as if it were our own, visit the following link and schedule a free strategy call:

Article Source: https://pfmarketingsolutions.com/2016/10/20/video-killed-radio-star/

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attic conversion

Attic Conversions to Add Extra Space

Homeowners spend a lot of money to create beautiful house with a unique style. However, some homeowners pay little attention to the proper utilization of unused floor space. This may cause a problem when the family size of the property owner increases and one needs more space in the house. Creating an attic conversion is often a great way to add more space. Attic conversions have become a common trend these days. It not only adds extra floor space but also looks appealing.

Why do house owners opt for attic conversion?

Attic conversions are one of the best ways of adding floor space to your house. It can add value to your home at the same time. It can also give a new and attractive look to your home by freeing up downstairs space.

If you have an expanding family, you can design the attic in such a way that the elder child gets his or her own space. Many homeowners also look for attic conversions to create recreational space for the family. Some opt for an attic conversion to create some extra space that can be used as a guest bedroom or office.

Home improvement projects can be expensive, however attic conversions are often a more cost-offective option compared to external extensions. It is often easier to build as the space is essentially already there. Attic conversions are a popular trend these days as they add space to your house, and many home owners enjoy better views of their street and community from their new viewpoint.

Hire the best professionals for attic conversion

Once you have made up your mind for remodeling the attic, you should hire the best professionals to ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely. If you want your attic to be functional and appealing, look for the professionals who have extensive experience in the industry. They should possess the right skills to design your attic in such a way that it is more functional and attractive. A good expert can take care of everything right from planning the design to carrying out and completing the work without leaving any mess.

attic conversions

attic conversions

Cost of attic conversion

It is important to get a cost estimate for attic conversion. Contact a few reputable professionals and get an idea about the costs involved for your specific property. Most good contractors will provide a quote free of charge. Get quotes from as many local attic converters ion specialists as you can and compare them before deciding on the one to go with. When you have the right team of professionals, you can transform your home into something amazing.

There is no doubt that attic conversion adds extra usability to your home, and often gives you the space you need without having to move house.

TM Lofts is a carpentry company that specialises in attic conversions in Bristol. TM lofts ensures that home owners get the right solution for their property and budget.

Source By:-https://www.tmlofts.co.uk/attic-conversions-to-add-extra-space/

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off grid solar

Iron Duchess mine in South Australia could soon be a pumped hydro plant

ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) announced that they will be supporting a feasibility study to assess the potential to turn a mothballed mine in South Australia into a 90MW pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) plant.

On behalf of the Australian Government, the agency is going to commit $500,000 to GFG Alliance to begin the first phase of establishing the technical and commercial feasibility of bringing a disused mine site in the South Middleback Ranges to be a potential PHES power plant.

The $1.7 million project will explore the possibility if the existing mine pit of “Iron Duchess North” could be used as a lower reservoir for a PHES plant, creating an estimated capacity of 90 MW and 390 MWh of storage.

Expected to be completed by late 2018, the first stage of the study will be about the high-level designs, engineering studies, network studies, geotechnical investigation, market modeling and commercial evaluation.

The $170 million Middleback Ranges PHES plant could be built by 2022 if successful.

off grid solar

off grid solar

ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht said the feasibility study was the first stage in assessing possible sites to store South Australia’s growing renewable energy generation.

“South Australia has ideal wind and off grid solar power resources to support large-scale renewable generation, so we will need energy storage options to harness and store this capacity so it is available at all times.

“We are excited to explore the potential of old mining assets being turned into renewable energy storage which can provide dispatchable and reliable power,” he said.

Alongside feasibility studies into other pumped hydro across Australia including Snowy 2.0, Hydro Tasmania’s Battery of the Nation projects and EnergyAustralia’s proposed seawater PHES project at Cultana, ARENA is also providing funding to support the Kidston hybrid solar and PHES project in a mine in Queensland.

“We thank ARENA for its support to this important project. This unique pumped hydro storage project is a great opportunity for SIMEC ZEN Energy (part of GFG Alliance) to obtain real-world insights and apply the learnings to offer expert energy contracting solutions to customers seeking secure, affordable and low emission energy to transition through their current energy challenges,” says SIMEC ZEN Energy CEO Geoff Titus

“We look forward to working with Liberty Onesteel in the first instance on the benefits this project will provide, and then establishing partnerships with other large energy users across Australia seeking a new way of contracting energy for their long-term success.”

Titus also said that the project would offer many benefits for the company and residents.

For more detail click here

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driving instructors Brisbane

Affordable Driving instructors & Lessons in Brisbane

Finding good Brisbane driving instructors Brisbane can be challenging, as there are many in the AU. Though there are many driving instructors in Brisbane, not all of them offer high quality driving lessons in Brisbane. Irrespective of their experience level, all of them claim to offer the best lessons. Therefore, it is our responsibility to spend enough time to find the best instructor.

When you are trying to find your driving instructors Brisbane, you must look for certain qualities.

The first factor to take into consideration is the experience of your driving instructor. He should have enough experience as a driver before you can consider him as your driving experience. Secondly, your instructor should have passed all the qualifying exams and have the necessary certification and license to operate as a driving instructors Brisbane. Thirdly, it is not enough to just have the required certification. Your instructor should also have enough experience as a driving instructor besides being an experienced driver. The next important factor should be easily approachable and friendly. Your instructor should be capable of imparting all the necessary skills and theoretical knowledge to their students. They should give priority to their student’s safety and above all, their driving lessons in Brisbane should not be too expensive so that you can afford them.

driving instructors Brisbane

driving instructors Brisbane

If you are wondering whether you will be able to find a reliable instructor with all the above qualities, then you do not have to go too far. Driving instructors in Brisbane are probably the best. They possesses each of the above qualities that you are looking for and more. You will certainly not regret choosing as your driving school.

You should never take your lessons lightly as driving is one of the most essential life-skills. There are many people who even make their living through their driving skills. If you want to attain a high level of expertise in driving, you should have a good foundation and for that, you need to have a good driving instructors Brisbane. Will certainly be the best fit for such needs.  Instructors are very friendly and polite who offer great instruction skills. With their driving lessons, you will never have to worry about your driving test and the theory exam. You will be prepared well for both driving test and the theory exam and the driving lessons will not merely concentrate on passing you’re driving exams. The lessons will make driving second nature.

Instructer has a unique style of instructing their students, which elicits a great interest in their students. They use a well maintained vehicle. As their top priority is your safety, they use only dual control vehicles. Though they use dual control vehicles while they instruct you they doe not intrude unless it is absolutely necessary to intervene. They have flexible timings to suit your specific needs and availability. If you need, you can even opt for crash courses and complete your driving lessons in a much shorter period. Whether it is regular driving lessons or crash course, you will get complete instructions that are required to make you an excellent driver and to help you pass the driving test and the theory exam. Crash courses are just meant to offer intensive driving courses to help you manage your time more easily.

For those who like to brush up their driving skills or to enhance their driving skills also offers pass plus lessons. If you are thinking that with all these qualities, are expensive, then you are wrong. Instructor are very competitively priced so that everyone can afford them.

All instructors have gone through driving instructor training from driving schools in Brisbane. They are part of driving school franchise. This should give you a great backing for the quality and the professionalism. You will not be able to find driving instructors Queensland with such high credentials. Go ahead, book your driving lessons with Instructor, and start enjoying your lessons. Highest standard driving lessons at most affordable prices.

Driving should be a pleasurable experience and that is what we aim to achieve as well as getting you to your goal, from learner driver to NEW DRIVER!

All instructors use dual-control vehicles and our instructor cars are replaced every 3 years with a brand new car, to give learners a smooth, reliable drive. In the unlikely event there are any problems with the car, it will be replaced within 24 hours making sure you don’t miss any tuition or, even worse, your test.

Not only are all instructors DSA approved, they also take a friendly patient approach to teaching you to drive. We believe the more you can relax the more you can learn. And if you enjoy your lessons, you’ll build up your confidence and your driving skills more quickly.

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Reality Gaming

Reality Gaming

With the next-gen gaming consoles tapping into an online gaming market that has existed for many, many years on the PC front, gaming squads are arguably more popular than ever. For most, it’s just about hanging out with some people or being part of the most kick-ass team and getting some big wins under the belt. Whatever way you chop it up, people are in these squads for selfish reasons, matters of the go. Perhaps they want attention, good stats, or want to make a living out of professional gaming. Motives vary all the time.

The nasty trend is this: you see many faceless gaming squads that come and go every day. People leave solid squads where they may be appreciated and truly needed, just to make their own squad and get the ego rush of being able to boss people around. It is on that end that many clans fail: there is too much ego and the clashing becomes inevitable. Note that I use clan and squad separately. It’s all a matter of your principles: clans have ideals that go beyond just competing or owning in any single game. They are bound by friendship, building up a rich legacy and history, and always establishing a principle-based leadership. Many gaming squads lack real principles: it’s all about getting the best stats, dominating other clans, and perhaps employing the latest exploits to keep your competitive advantage significant. To me, a clan, whether new or old, big or small, multi-game or single-game is only as good as it’s leadership. Again, this nasty ego thing comes up. People mistakingly assume that leadership is all about making people fear you and blindly follow anything you demand. The truth of leadership is that it is probably a more about listening than it is talking. It is true that some people need to be micro-managed, motivated, and even commanded but, in most cases, people respond better to positive reinforcement and mutual exchange than they do drill-sarge-style screaming.

By many standards, I can be considered a newb simply because I don’t take gaming very seriously. I have fun with it and I try to make sure my guys do too. Our clan, Supreme Reality Gaming, is meant to be a clan that doesn’t take itself seriously in the sense that we know to have fun and still compete, stay organized, and keep the order. Sure, we get our fair share of eager beavers and know-it-alls but, with time and wisdom, systems and processes become a lot more turn-key and intuitive so things operate smoothly. I wouldn’t say I am one of the best leaders but I’ve learned the worst things to do as a gaming clan leader and some things that seem like “common sense” are really not regarded as such.

Reality Gaming

Reality Gaming

I’d like to share some quick tips on what a clan leader should and should not do if he cares about the longevity and happiness of his clan. First and foremost, do not start a squad for the wrong reasons. This means that you should not make a squad just cause you to want to feel important, be cool, or try to steal players from other clans. Such squads fail in the long run simply because they never really mesh. You have to have goals if you are making a squad. Goals set the pace and tone for your squad and give you a direction to go in.

You need to manage your expectations and those of your clanmates as well. This is huge. If you only plan to get a bunch of people that like hanging out together, matching personalities should be a major focus and skills should definitely be secondary. If you want to do that but also remain competitive, you have to make sure your guys know the unique culture you are building up so no one questions the guy that pretty much sucks but likes to hang around and is probably very active regardless of competitive efforts. Most importantly, if you are trying to form a pro team, you have to be ready to make sacrifices and probably lose some friends, if you are not careful at least.

The trend now is for any major clan to have multiple tiers and squads. I believe this is only a good thing for a leader to do if they can truly identify other leaders in their squad. Many people want to lead but what they really know how to do is manage/boss, which is completely different. The responsibility of being a leader is much greater than what 90% of people that start clans are ready for.

Here’s another big tip for clan leaders: do not be fooled into thinking that just creating a tag, having a website, and being on ladders means you have a real clan or even a squad. Keeping members engaged is all about creating a solid foundation where communication is a major focus. You need to have a clear chain-of-command so that there are not too many chiefs and not enough Indians. You also have to groom your top, most active guys to become leaders. Hopefully, they really internalize what the squad is about but, be ready, most people that join a squad will inevitably leave because of simple reasons: boredom, they don’t know what they want, or their ego is not being stroked enough.

I mentioned positive reinforcement and I will elaborate on this because it leads to some other important tips. As a leader, patience is not an option. You’ll run into different types of people so clashes are inevitable. Once again, managing expectations becomes a huge strategy as you make sure that everyone knows what are the optional traits to possess and what values are considered core in the squad. Establishing these core values will only happen if you build good relationships. Make yourself approachable by never scolding someone for sharing friendly advice and constructive criticism. Practising an open door policy is key, especially if you designate key liaisons and provide them with multiple means for reaching you, in case you are not “online.” Positive reinforcement is not just about giving people patting people on the back when they do well, it is about making people feel like an integral part of the group and helping them identify their strong points. When you focus on the good things people do, you can get them in a comfort zone where they can naturally start to eliminate their bad habits.

On the matter of patience, a clan leader needs to be ready to get bombarded, disappointed by the performance, annoyed with inactivity, and even ridiculed at times. Every clan has black sheep and bad moments so you have to not only be ready for this but expect at any turn. I feel that the worst thing that people do as clan leaders is scream at their guys when they messed up, rather than pointing out what they did well and how they can use that to their advantage next time. I don’t know many people that like to be screamed at and belittled yet this is the style of leadership you’ll often see, sadly. It’s boot camp all over again.. Where’s the fun in that?

Leadership is a tricky thing. Leaders get criticized regardless. It’s a love-hate thing most of the time. Some will adore you, some will deplore you, and some will you out. Being a leader is actually hardly ever glorious and that’s the truth. You need to have a giving attitude and realize that your efforts will not always be reciprocated. This is the price to be paid. I reiterate this: reasonable expectations are critical for yourself and your guys. Everyone needs to be ready to pay the price because a clan is like a squad: it’s not going anywhere without something to fuel it. w3rd.

All metaphors and fluff aside, I can’t stress enough how tough it really is to run a clan. My kudos go out to any team leaders that have squads running for over a year; hell, these days, 3 months is a huge milestone. Let’s not even talk about keeping a vital core. Like I said, leadership is huge in a clan but it’s not about those that have been designated as leaders or given titles, it’s about the collective effort and how many people take ownership, pride, and dedication into everything they do. That stuff about the chain being only as strong as it’s the weakest link is very true.

Leadership is a topic I am very passionate about and I can go on about it forever but the point is that you can never be a perfect leader. It’s an ongoing process. Every day I find myself taking notes from other fellow leaders and re-evaluating my methods. Everyone is bound to lose their cool at some point but there are no true failures until one completely gives up. In the end, if you want to lead a gaming clan you have to make a few simple decisions: do you want to have fun or do you want to compete seriously? Can you do both? Sure but that leads to this important question: are you willing to pay the price? It’s one thing to say you want to do something or have dreams but you need a plan or it was all just talk.

Indeed, gaming has turned into serious business (hence the growing number of professional, sponsored teams, and people that think they’re THAT good) so, if you do not want all the headache, join an existing squad in arcade toronto. A clan should only be established once there is a strong core and if there are a unique enough culture and spirit. When joining a gaming squad, make sure that you are the kind of person they are looking for and that you like what that clan is about: their culture, their goals, their history, their outlook, etc. Even the most casual of gamers should be wary not to make a poor decision and just put on a tag. A tag does not make you a clan member. w3rd. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

2008 UPDATE: There’s a concept some call “magnetic sponsoring” that I think is very relevant to clan leadership. Recruiters become leaders and example-setters in their own regards. It’s important for those people to become the things they want to see in their prospect. In that manner, you can attract the right people. This also applies to people that want to be scouted by the right clans. I’ve seen some of the biggest, most successful clans out there take a gamble on people based almost completely on personality. Why? Skills can be developed but an asshat is quite hard to turn around!

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team building games

Importance Of Team Building Games

Anyone who has worked in the corporate world may have participated in training related to team building activities and games, such workshops include some team building games and some part of the content is presented in the form of lecture. Most of the business owners feel that such activities have a lot of benefits for team building. The employees are an asset to any organisation.

Companies spend a lot of money on selecting their team building program. It is important to spend the funds on out of the box ideas and planning for team building games. There are many companies that offer training arrangement and take care of everything. Avoid experimenting with games and hire the best agency to plan the team building games based on your requirements and objectives. Choosing an outdoor team building activity and games can be a good idea as the employees would feel refreshed. Playing in a different environment would make the staff members feel good.

team building games

team building games

A scavenger hunt is a popular team building game that involves a group of people working together towards a common goal. Each team is givengibe a list of items to be located and the group determines how the duties are assigned. Each person in charge has to find the items and all employees work together but they are given different tasks.

Benefits of team building games

Health has become a major concern in the corporate world these days. Obesity is a common problem nowadays and it gives rise to health issues and concerns like heart disease, stroke, and stress. Team building games can help the employees get stress-free. When the employees stay healthy and happy, one can expect better productivity.

It can be a good idea to plan an outdoor team game such as mini Olympics building activities. Summer activities like soccer, football, track and field, volleyball, and others can also be arranged to be a part of team building activities. Teams compete with each other and it needs a lot of strategic thinking and cooperation. Everyone is friendly and can gel well at work.

A good team building program can create a happy and healthy company. Studies have shown that employees that are happy and comfortable with each other in an organisation result in greater productivity and efficiency of the business. Once you engage the team members in such events, they would be happier and healthier. This would have a positive impact on the success and growth of your business.

Once you have decided to hire the right company for planning team building activities, you can talk to a few industry experts to get an idea about their service offerings. To make the learning more fun, you can ask the professionals to add an element of humour. The participants should be able to build effective relationships with the other team members so that they can work comfortably when they get back to work.

LevelUp Reality is a one stop solution for team building games and activities in toronto. The expert professionals plan the best games to increase your business efficiency.

Make your workplace productive with the right kind of team building games. There are many companies that can plan and arrange effective team building events to make your employees feel comfortable with each other and gel well.

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VR arcades in toronto

Best HTC Vive Games

Virtual Reality! It’s as Interesting as it sounds. Imagine no more boring laptop screens and transforming any place into a battlefield or a park. Now that we know about VR games and its interesting features, let us get to know more about one of the top most discussed VR game developers, HTC Vive. Developed by HTC and Valve Corporation, It was released very recently in the year of 2016 in April. The HTC Vive  is a virtual reality headset which has the ability to turn your living room into a 3D VR arcade. This amazing invention takes you into a different virtual world where you can interact with the newly developed spaces and characters naturally. Walk, speak and interact all naturally!

HTC Vive will make anyone travel beyond their imagination. This awesome tool lets you do things which you never thought you could! Want to be in the war zone and shoot the heads of your enemies? Wish to get into a real supercar and drive at the top speed? Want to throw a stone at a stranger? Now say yes to all of these with HTC Vive. Transform your boring life into a dream world. Let us get to know some of the awesome games for you to enjoy with HTC Vive. LevelUp Reality has the latest technology in HTC Vive and is one of the best and top rated VR arcades in toronto where you can explore new worlds playing the following games:

VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

  1. Vanishing Realms
    Vanishing Realms
VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

You are The Legend of Zelda, playing his role according to your movements! A short but an enthralling game. You can take the sword and kill all the undead knights, and hunt them in creepy stoned wall buildings! Swing the sword and block the attacks all by yourself. This game is going to be one of the most thrilling games for you to play. Explore through teleporting and your space will become your battle zone!

  1. Space Pirate Trainer
    Space Pirate Trainer
VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

This game is developed for any gamers who love shooting. Don’t get scared when blaring lasers come to you from all directions of the battlefield! When a group of drones come to attack you, you have to fire at them with your laser guns, and also defend yourself using the shield you possess. It’s such an addictive game once you get your shooting fever on.

  1. The Lab
    The Lab
VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

A visit to the LevelUp VR arcade will have you exploring The Lab. This game is basically a group of seven to eight games included in one single game. Each game is short but entertainment is guaranteed! This is developed by the developers of HTC Vive themselves and is the best game to get introduced to HTC Vive as it presents before us all the basic concepts of Virtual Reality gaming.

  1. Hover Junker
    Hover Junker
VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

This multiplayer shooting game is for all who wants to experience a different level of shooting thrill. A very thrilling game which allows you to move around your room but still feel like you’re chasing your enemies on a hovercraft! This awesome tool gives you a greater locomotion, out of your rooms.

  1. Tilt Brush
    Tilt Brush
VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

What about drawing in three dimensions? Sounds interesting, hmm?  Developed by Google, this great app lets you draw your imaginations and walk around watching them. This can be extremely trippy as it has many tools for you to make it look like psychedelic images. Get high on drawing and have the ultimate fun!

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