Beginner’s Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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What is the use of having a domain name and a website if that adds no value to your business?

Search Engine Optimization needs to be systematically planned and implemented in order to get results online. SEO helps you get qualified visitor to your website. A systematic step by step approach will always take you towards your goals.

The first step: Business Analysis:-

This is a vital step in your search engine optimization process. Unless you have done this, going forward could be fatal. You need to sit and chalk down all the business requirements carefully until you are sure that you are trying to sell the product with the right parameters. You need to highlight the key features that could bring out the sale. You need to first analyze if the product you are about to market has a chance online. Key area one needs to concentrate when trying to sell something online.

  1. Price of the product: One needs to determing if the price of the product inline with the competing websites.
  2. Quality of the product: Are the features talked about, good enough to bring out an online sale.

Based on the above 2 parameters you need to articulate an USP (Unique Selling Point) and create creative marketing materials around the same.

Keyword Analysis:-

This is most important step when working with SEO Agency. You need to understand the popular terminology that’s being used to identify the product to be sold online. If you are trying to market “ROSE” online you need to understand what’s commonly typed been typed by a online buyer who buys rose. Search Engine Companies like will readily provide you all the popular keyword phrases those are typed by their visitors. “Keyword Tool”, is an important feature that’s available at under its Adwords program.

On Page Optimization:

After you have identified the popular key phrases those could bring out sales, you need to place those at the right places within your HTML document. Title Meta tag is one of the most important place where you need to place the keyword phrases. There are hundreds of other important issues like Document structure planning, Keyword density Planning etc. that help increase the value of a document when you start optimizing a website.

Off-Page Optimization:

After you have done with your on page optimization you need to work on increasing the website’s popularity. Search Engine Algorithms consider website popularity as a crucial factor to determine a document’s importance when raking it. The more popular the document the more important it is for a search engine. So, activities like link building and directory submissions will help a document achieve popularity.