Teaching Your Kids Early About Charity and How They Can Help



There is great value in teaching your kids about charity from an early age. This is because understanding and being actively involved in charitable causes is a great way to develop empathy, which is something that children will be able to use well into adulthood. Being genuinely empathetic to the feelings and living conditions of others, from a local to a global scale, is not only essential to being a good person, it’s also necessary for both adults and children to function in social situations. In fact, The Conversation points out that developing empathy allows children to better navigate social scenarios, as well as avoid social traumas that may lead to mental or emotional problems in adulthood.

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The best way for children to learn about charity is first-hand experience, and the easiest way to do this is to start at home. This can be done in the simple but powerful act of joining a charity car boot sale. Various charitable organisations like the Low Mill Outdoor Centre, the New Dawn Educational Centre, and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance have benefited a lot from the profits made through car boots sales. For your children, every sale is an example of how simply taking care of the stuff at home can contribute to different causes. By explaining to them how the proceeds of the items they sold go to good causes, you can also impart lessons in avoiding waste, the global value of reusing items to limit consumption, as well as how to declutter your home.

Car boot sales may also pave the way for larger charitable actions, such as organising a birthday party where in lieu of gifts, you can ask your child’s friends or classmates to bring donations to children’s welfare organisations instead. This is another great way to start your lessons on charity at home. You can also consult charitable organisations for ideas, because more often than not, they’re more than willing to assist anyone who’s willing to extend a helping hand.

In fact, nowadays, charities have made it easier for every member of the family to join in on the action by offering a variety of undertakings. These can range from active events like fun runs, group walks, and cycle rides to simple activities that everyone can join in with.Save the Children have a dedicated Christmas Jumper Day, which takes a traditional festive concept and applies it to a good cause. This is perfect for families who want to help but don’t have the time to leave their home. Not only can children easily take part in these events, they’ll also be getting a practical lesson in the variety of ways charitable actions can raise awareness for certain issues. With your guidance, you can even allow your child to research on their own and see which charities they themselves want to be involved in.

Remember that the earlier kids learn about charity, the more they’ll be able to take these lessons well into their adult lives. For more insights on raising a healthy family, check out our article on The Next Generation.


Additional Resources:- https://www.tillyandjasper.co.uk/blogs/news/teaching-your-kids-early-about-charity-and-how-they-can-help

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organic cotton baby clothes uk

Snug As A Bug Suit- Autumn Forest – Organic Cotton

organic baby clothes uk

organic baby clothes uk

New for AW18, our Snug As A Bug Suit is a reversible double layer outerwear piece ideally suited to baby wearing.

The new Snug As A Bug Suit is the perfect outer layer on chilly days, with 2 layers of organic cotton. The design comes with an all-over print on the outside and stripes on the reverse. Is a reversible double layer outerwear piece ideally suited to baby wearing.

Why we love it:

  • Suited to baby wearing
  • Reversible (print/stripes)
  • Thumb holes to keep hands warm
  • Hooded
  • Made from 2 layers of the best quality 100% organic baby clothes uk
  • Machine washable
  • Unisex

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If in the unlikely event your product has a manufacturing defect, please contact us at support@tillyandjasper.com or call us on 020 7193 6913. We are here to help and resolve any concerns Monday through Saturday from 9am GMT to 6pm GMT.

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See your Rock Star in Organic clothes baby

Baby Rock Star dressing in Organic clothes baby

We all like to see our little ones in the styles of clothes that we are attracted to, so if you are into rock tees how about dressing your little one in organic clothes baby. You might be alternative parent sporting a tattoo, which is part of the lifestyle of Goth, punk, rock or urban. You find that you get tattoos of an important stage in your life, so why not start your baby dressing in one of these tattoo inspired onesies or t-shirts. You will find some of the best selling designs, Chinese lettering or tattoo letters, other Asian, Japanese, tribal and skull, very popular items.

African animal designs in Organic clothes baby

You think of African animals or one of the big five and generally it is the zebra print that has been and all-time favourite of all time. Your baby will just love all the attention and seeing the zebra print baby clothing on themselves. Just think of how your baby will look whether it is simply a t-shirt adding to little jeans or a cap; it just gives your little one that added extra style making them stand out for their uniqueness in organic clothes baby.

You will find a huge range of zebra print baby clothing from:

  • One piece, onesies or the body suit.
  • Dresses.
  • Shoes
  • Rompers
  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Backpacks
organic clothes baby

organic clothes baby

Baby girls in Organic clothes baby, the tutu

Little girls normally have the nicest clothes out there, you really love to dress or spoil them with little dresses or something very feminine cool baby clothes. The tutu is just such a fun item of clothing, so princess like, ballerina like or fairy like; you just smile when you see a little girl dressed in one. I recently seen a little girl at a playschool and she was dressed in one, it is like a big wow, she just should out from all the other girls so cute and funky at once.

Camouflage for Organic clothes baby

You know for yourself that camouflage has come and is here to stay, whether for adults or kids. Your little girl can look equally gorgeous in a pink camouflage dungarees or even the regular khaki colored one great baby rock style. They come in a denim style fabric which is so durable and you get a whole range of styles and a wide range of colors from psychedelic pinks, purples just check it out. Just be careful with jeans keep the t-shirt in a plain neutral color, or the cap, so it does not turn out to be a mess. I know with me I wear my olive green camouflage pants with a shocking pink top and it looks great. Imagine your little girl in a camo dress with a shocking pink t-shirt, pretty cool in unique baby clothes.

Political views on t-shirts for Organic clothes baby

You will find with the elections coming up you might find you want to express your political views on your baby with political baby wear. You will find loads of political style t-shirts and onesies around all sporting the message loud and clear. The slogan captured t-shirt will look great with jeans, add the baseball cap for effect as well.

Some slogans out there in organic clothes baby:

  • Liberal
  • Annoy a conservative, think for yourself!
  • My mommy’s a liberal
  • Little tree hugger

Steal the show with baby rock clothes, makes you feel special when you got everyone cooing and ah how cute away about your little one. Feel the love flowing towards you for making the time and effort to dress your baby sending that message out to the world that you do care and are grateful to the universe for your blessings. You can also share it with the universe by taking your baby clothes that your baby has outgrown and give it to a charity shop giving back for what you have received, keeping the flow going. You got to give to receive.

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organic baby clothes

Baby Eczema Can Organic Baby Clothes Help?

Being a parent is hard enough at the best of times without the added problem of dealing with an uncomfortable and irritated baby. My daughter suffered from eczema and it made her quite miserable and it’s very frustrating when your little one is upset and you can’t make it go away as your natural instinct is to protect your baby. So what is baby eczema and how can you protect your baby from it?

So what is Eczema? Eczema is a skin condition where the skin can become irritated, cracked or inflamed. Babies are all made different and some have more oil in their skin than others. If they lack these oils in their skin, their skin struggles to hold moister and it becomes irritated and sore, sometimes leading to cracking of the skin. The gap created in the skin due to the dryness allows bacteria and irritants to pass into the skin causing sometimes quite severe irritation and infection. This can be aggravated by soaps and detergents that also remove the natural oils from your baby’s skin. A skin layer plumped up with natural oils and fats is better able to deal with irritants and allergens.

organic baby clothes

organic baby clothes

So what causes Eczema? There are many different types of eczema but the most common is Atopic eczema which is thought to be genetic and triggered by environmental conditions. Some of the things that can trigger this Atopic eczema include soaps, detergents, animal fur, pollen, rough clothing, dust mites and being too warm for prolonged periods.

Baby eczema can be a real problem, with 5% 15% of children being affected before their seventh birthday. Baby eczema begins in the first year for 60% of babies affected by this irritant. The itchiness is the biggest problem for baby’s as they obviously will just scratch and watching your child suffer this way is the worst thing about baby eczema for most parents.

How to treat Eczema There isn’t any cure for eczema but there are things you can do stop it happening or to deal with it when your baby is suffering with baby eczema. You can get creams and lotions from the Doctors. But these only reduce the inflammation and return moisture to the skin. The only real way to combat eczema is to eliminate the cause or the things that encourage or irritate your baby’s skin.

Can organic baby clothes help? Baby eczema is sometimes caused by the chemical residue in their clothing. It can be the pesticides used on the cotton or the dyes used or a combination of the two. Organic cotton doesn’t have any chemical residue as the clothes haven’t been sprayed or dyed using chemicals of any kind. Natural predators are introduced to keep pests from eating the cotton and natural dyes such as fruit berries are used to colour the cotton.

There are many types of cotton and it can grow in many different subtle and natural colours. There is also Bamboo clothing which is supersoft and known to help eliminate baby eczema. Of course organic baby clothes are going to cost slightly more as the growing and preparation process is more time consuming but it does produce the best natural and allergy free clothing. It’s worth the extra to reduce the risk of baby eczema occurring with your child. Plus they really are supersoft. We changed to organic baby clothes and our little girl’s eczema went from all over her body to a little patch on her left arm which has gone completely now. Try organic baby clothes if your baby is suffering from baby eczema, it could just be the answer.

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So What Exactly is Sustainable Living?

Sustainable living, sustainable parenting, eco-friendly lifestyle, green living are very much the buzzwords of the moment. Politicians everywhere are discussing ‘plastic’ , recycling, climate-change, The Paris Climate Agreement etc and people are trying to work out how best to live in a more eco-friendly manner. Yet there doesn’t seem to be a definitive way to live sustainably. Should we all be drinking out of reusable coffee cups, dressing our babies in organic baby clothes, wrapping them in a bamboo swaddle and looking for ‘soil association’ or Fairtrade cotton labels on everything we put on our skin and wear on our bodies?

What is Sustainable Living?

How can we live sustainably then? There are so many ways to define sustainability but in a nutshell, it all boils down to us living in such a way that our basic needs for water, food and housing/shelter are met without causing any harm to the environment. So we live in a way that is mindful of future generations and do what we can to protect earth’s resources for the future.

It is important too that we use fewer of our planet’s natural resources and cause less pollution, in order to live sustainably.

Making Our Homes Eco-Friendly

It doesn’t matter what size house you live in as there’s always something you can do to make it more eco-friendly. For starters, think about your energy usage. Do you really need a tumble-dryer? It’s all very well buying bamboo baby clothes and other green baby bits and bobs but ideally let them dry naturally and don’t waste energy on them. Buying organic kids clothes is a good start in your efforts to live sustainably but don’t spoil the effect by sticking everything in a very wasteful tumble-dryer. (Lecture over!)

Do all the lights need to still be on in the living room when you and your baby girls dress are sitting eating your dinner in the kitchen? Essentially you need to consider how you can reduce the amount of energy you use to heat your house. If you can do that you will be reducing pollution. Putting good insulation in your home is the first step as if your house can stay at the right temperature then you’ll obviously use less heating.

In an ideal world too, you would try to get your energy from a company who offers green electricity, but one step at a time …

Remember to Recycle

Most of the things we use everyday can be recycled and once you know which ones can’t, it’s easy to stop buying them or at least cut down. Most of the things around us in our daily lives, use up earth’s resources so try as much as possible to look for natural and/or biodegradable products. If there are items in your wardrobe you no longer want, then pass them on or take them to a charity shop.

In brief … Put your food waste in a compost bin and try to buy products with as little packaging as possible. Don’t throw your old mobile in the bin, take it to be recycled. And remember to recycle paper, glass and plastic too. Last but not least, try to source sustainable food.

As parents and grandparents, we all want our planet to give today’s children a healthy tomorrow, so sustainable living is pretty much essential!

full artical:-https://www.tillyandjasper.co.uk/blogs/news/so-what-exactly-is-sustainable-living

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organic clothes baby

Eco Friendly Activities for Kids

Eco Friendly Activities for Kids

If you’re here reading this blog, it’s probably because you are ‘green at heart’ and have an interest in environmental protection and all things sustainable. You’re fed up of all those disposable coffee cups littering the banks of our motorway slip-roads? Perhaps your little one is already a green baby and wears organic clothes baby and cloth nappies already or you’re simply thinking of dumping the disposables in favour of them? Whichever it is, now you have a child you are keen to live a greener life . And what better way to start than thinking about fun green activities to do with your child?

Fun Eco-Friendly Activities

organic clothes baby

organic clothes baby

Make Music

Forget about buying bespoke baby and toddler ‘musical instruments’ in a box covered in loads of plastic and use whatever you have in the house. You don’t need to spend money to buy ethical baby toys. You can fill a kitchen container with rice and your little ones can shake it to make a lovely sound. Or you can fill a container with a few teaspoons to make a completely different noise. Then of course the kids could simply turn a saucepan upside-down and hit it with a wooden spoon to make a drum. And don’t forget the old favourite!. Fill a few bottles with varying amounts of water and lo and behold your little one can make all manner of musical sounds. A veritable orchestra in your kitchen alone!

Make Jewellery

It’s dead easy to make a button bangle or necklace. All you need is a piece of string or wool and lots of buttons and away you go … It’s cheap, it’s fun and if the children want to help sort and count the buttons, then you can help them with their colours and numbers at the same time.

Pasta Jewellery is also a big favourite with young children from toddlers up. All you need is some uncooked hollow pasta like Penne, a plastic bag, some hand sanitiser and some food colouring. There’re plenty of tips online but the best way is to put the pasta in a plastic bag (preferably a zippy bag of some kind) with some hand sanitiser and shake to cover. Then all you need to do is pop a bit of food-colouring in, shake again and pour the coloured pasta out to dry off. Once dry, help your little one thread onto string or wool to make jewellery or with a little glue and paper they can even make pasta pictures or birthday cards!

Old Socks

Ok so let’s be fair, every house has a stash of odd socks and old socks. (How is it possible that an even number of socks can go in a washing machine but only an odd number comes out?) Anyway why not make some Sock Puppets with those odd socks? White are best for obvious reasons but any old socks with do to be honest. You can even make Door Stoppers with old socks. Just get the children to fill them with sand or something similar and decorate the outside however they want and with whatever you have hanging around. Who knew socks had so much potential?

So there we are, three eco crafts to be getting on with. Come back and have a look soon and we’ll give you a few more ideas for things to do with potatoes and brown paper bags!

For more detail clicking here
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baby sale uk

Get Baby sale UK in Craft Shops

Those Craft Shops with Baby sale UK

You all as mothers or fathers would like to dress your little one in some unusual outfits, well the best place to find those baby sale UK in Craft Shops around UK. The beauty of this is finding authentic UK made items; you need to start buying local handmade organic items. You can even find great cheap baby sale UK if you shop around or keep an eye open for bargains.

baby sale uk

baby sale uk

A few of these Craft Shops to find Baby sale UK

I had a wander around in a couple of these this last week; my first stop was the Craft Market shop in the Longbeach Mall near Fish Hoek. It has moved to another location in the mall almost across the way from the old one, with lovely wooden floors.

You will find in this market shop lovely little girl dresses or tops with little leggings in some unusual designs. Quite authentic looking fabrics, UK styled, some with that bluesy colour that you see in the African designed fabrics.

You will find these cute baby grows with sayings on them like “let me out I have been in here for 9 months” in white with the sayings in colour.

You will also find some cool soft leather shoes for babies they look so comfy loads of room in them.

My second stop on Friday late afternoon was the Bluebird Market in Muizenberg, which is mainly an organic food market but there are a few stalls.

I bought myself a cute OM t-shirt that they have for babies as well; it is long-sleeved, so cute, and adorable really.

You will find cute little organic dresses with a ruche top, so angelic in white; it is almost like the vintage style, but great for your little girl with those round colours.

You will also find some trendy baby dresses in different mixture of textures and fabrics, very striking in bright colours, quite unique.

Of course Muizenberg market has also got lots of stalls where you can pick up handmade items or some unusual items. A lot of the Sunday markets have great finds in them, with all the Christmas markets coming up soon in this month and next. So it is a great idea to shop around these seasonal markets for great bargains for presents as well.

More on Baby sale UK at Markets

You can still find great cheap baby clothes sale UK you really just need to shop around for great ideas or speak to friends or work colleagues amazing how you can find out tidbits from people.

For earlier post on Great finds on where to shop Craft Markets and other great places. So get shopping in the Craft Shops and Markets in UK for this entire unique baby sale UK.

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Essential Pyjamas for babies

Comfort and ease are two essential words in every new mother’s vocabulary, and a great way to infuse them into one’s daily life is through pyjamas. This may sound funny, but for nursing mothers a comfy pair of pyjamas for babies is essential to making one’s evenings and mornings less stressful. Easy nursing access, combined with style and comfort, creates the perfect pyjamas for new mothers. Several well-known maternity designers have created comfy yet stylish pyjamas for babies, ensuring there is something available for everyone.

pyjamas for babies

pyjamas for babies

Japanese Weekend, a well-known name in the maternity world, designs comfortable and functional pyjamas for babies. Known for their durability and figure flattering shapes, there are several great options available from them. Their Maternity Nursing Sleepwear is their classic pyjamas. This loungewear set is so comfy that you will want to live in it day in and day out! A cute v-neck and wide shoulder straps creates a beautiful neckline, and the cropped pants are both cute and comfortable. Perfect for both during and after maternity, these pyjamas also have incredibly easy nursing access with a simply pull to the side design. Stylish and comfy, they are a sure hit with new mothers! With winter approaching, you may prefer something a bit warmer however. Japanese Weekend has designed a great three quarter length sleeve option, which also has an ankle length pant and is perfect for the cooler weather. If you prefer more of a nursing nightie, a gorgeous new option is the Lace Trim Gown. With the same easy pull to the side nursing access, this gown’s neckline and sleeves are hemmed with a beautiful lace, creating a slightly sexier look. Available in either a black or ivory color, this is a super stylish yet equally as comfortable look for expectant and nursing mothers

Another popular designer of maternity clothing is Olian Maternity and with good reason. Their fashionable and great fitting designs exemplify comfort and style, and their pyjamas for babies are no exception. One of the defining characteristics of their pyjamas for babies is that they come in gorgeous sets. These baby pyjamas sets are super cute and are an excellent gift for new and expectant mothers. One popular new option is their Kimono 4 Piece Nursing Pyjamas Set. Available in either a blue or pink patterned option, this super soft and lightweight fabric is incredibly comfortable. Consisting of pyjamas pants, a cute v-neck top, a beautiful kimono wrap and a super soft baby sleep sack, this pyjamas set is both comfy and stylish. With easy pull to the side nursing access, and easy changing access on the baby’s sleep sack, it is as functional as it is fashionable. Another new pyjamas set is the 5 Piece Blue Nursing Pyjamas Set. A gorgeous print on the drawstring pant also lines the beautiful blue wrap robe. An attractive blue sleeveless nursing top and coordinating baby sleeper and hat complete this gorgeous new nursing pyjamas set. Whether you are looking for a gift to give to a new mother or you are a new mother searching for the perfect nursing pyjamas, Olian’s nursing pyjamas sets are a fantastic option for comfort and style.

If you prefer nursing chemises to pyjamas, trendy designer Belabumbum is the way to go. With chemises that exemplify style and a subtle sexiness, they are a great option for the nursing mother. One gorgeous option is the Nursing Lotus Chemise. Available in black, cream, or java, a beautiful contrasting lace feature lines both the hem and the neckline. With a v-neck and adjustable straps, it is cute and functional. The interior lace cup has nursing access with pull down nursing clips above each bra cup, creating easy and discreet nursing access. As comfy as it is cute, this is a great option for nursing mothers! Another great option from Belabumbum is the Cotton Dot Lotus Nursing Chemise. With a similar shape to the previous chemise, this one has a beautiful lace accent under the bust. Adjustable straps and double layer support with nursing access on each cup is very practical. The cute dot pattern is feminine and stylish! For nursing chemises, Belabumbum truly has some fabulous designs.

Overall, pyjamas for babies are an essential staple to every new mother’s wardrobe. They are comfortable, functional, and still very stylish. Perfect for lounging in during the evenings and mornings, every new mother should have the perfect nursing baby girls pyjamas. With so many great designers, everyone is sure to find the perfect option.

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Tips For Black Baby Clothes

Black baby clothes can do for your baby what it does for you. You love the colour black and therefore you want your child to have a great looking outfit in this popular colour, too. One of the best ways to do that is to purchase from a trusted manufacturer or distributor.

What you may not realize is that there are numerous styles and decorative elements that can be easily added to this look. Why not let your child look great in new baby clothes in your favourite colour?

You can find an assortment of clothing options for babies and toddlers today. Many of the items you’ll find have fun sayings or they may offer a funky style to them. These help your baby to be unique and to allow your child to stand out in the crowd.

baby clothes

Here are some things to remember when selecting this type of Baby Clothes for your child.

  • Be sure that if you are buying black “onesie” or other styles that you purchase products with appropriate dye on them. You don’t want the dye to harm your child’s skin.
  • Look for black “onesie” or other colours that fit your child properly. Buy a larger size rather than a smaller size since some of these products can shrink especially with regular wear.
  • Keep your baby cool, too. When buying any type of dark clothing for a baby or a toddler, it will absorb more of the heat, which could lead to problems if the child is exposed to high temperatures.
  • For the most part, though, you’ll have no trouble finding great looking and functional clothing in black and other colours for your child.

Cool Baby Clothes Is Fun

Why not choose punk baby girl clothes uk for your child? Even from a young age, your child could be proudly proclaiming your message. On the other hand, sometimes it’s just a whole lot of fun to dress kids up with unique looks. If you’re the type of parent to dress your child in traditional baby clothes, give a new, fun look a try.

When selecting black baby clothes, remember that you should choose clothing that gives your kids the right look and feel. You can use this colour “onesies” under other clothing or allow the fun saying on them to be proudly displayed for all to see. Use them how you wish, but have fun with it.

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Cheap Waterproof Golf Baby Trousers

A lot of us me included are constantly looking around for a good deal for some cheap waterproof golf trousers. Which are the best to buy i can here you say. This is a bit of a tricky one really you can just go straight for the budget end waterproof golf trouser. In which case you are going for more of a shower proof golf trouser rather than a 100% waterproof golf trouser from Galvin Green or Ping for instance.

The benefit of this option is you can go straight out and buy a pair straight away and if you are in a hurry for a pair of cheap waterproof golf baby trousers then this is really your only option.

baby trousers

However it is not the one i prefer. I am always hunting around for a good deal and would rather wait a little and hopefully be able to get a much better quality pair at a big discount and in the end i have a decent pair of waterproof baby boy trousers and have only paid what i would of paid for a cheap pair. A good time to look is at the end of the golf season when the new stock is going to be in soon and the retailer is after shifting any leftover stock. He is then more interested in freeing up his money to invest in new stock. Rather than have it sitting there in stock that he has not managed to shift. This in his eyes is bad business sense.

So the key to getting a cheap pair of waterproof golf trousers is to be patient hunt around for that discounted pair so that you end up with a pair that you are going to be happy with at a cheap price. Not a pair that you had wished you had just spent a little more on when the rain is falling and the water is starting to seep through.

Remember on the retail price you get what you pay for. So it is the discounted price that you are looking for every time. I have bought all my waterproof golf baby girl trousers this way and have always been very happy with the results.

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