5 benefits of looking for an Onsite Caravan for Sale to live in

While many may be looking at an Onsite Caravan for Sale for weekends away with the family, some older people may find an Onsite Caravan appealing to live in. For retirees the costs of retirement are becoming more and more expensive. Retirement homes require a large deposit and high ongoing yearly fees. There is a growing popularity in retirees living in Caravan Parks or Residential Parks (Caravan Parks specifically catered to retirees). When searching for an Onsite Caravan for Sale to live in, make sure that the van is for long term living as many Caravan Parks may only have a license for holiday Onsite Caravans and the owners are restricted to 180 days use per year.

More and more retirees are looking for an Onsite Caravan for Sale to live in because of these benefits.

Onsite Caravan for Sale


Retirement is a time to slow down and a big aspect that retirees may have to deal with is maintaining a large home and garden. Retirees may not be able to move around as easily and house and garden work may become a challenge. If you look at an Onsite Caravan for Sale, the Caravan Park management will maintain the park grounds. No need to mow a large lawn and your Onsite Caravan will not a big size compare to a large house. Therefore internal cleaning and maintenance will not be a burden.


If you decide to downsize then it may be important for you to be still close to your children and grandchildren. If your children live in the major cities – Sydney and Melbourne, you will be able to find an Onsite Caravan for Sale easily in NSW and Victoria. Within a 2 hour drive many people look for an Onsite Caravan for Sale on the Central Coast or an Onsite Caravan for Sale on South Coast NSW.

Community Atmosphere

Many retirees can feel lonely in their retirement years. Kids are busy with their own families and others may have lost their partners and living by themselves. Living in a Caravan Park can give retirees a wonderful community feel. Its very difficult to not get to know your neighbour and other residents in the park as you are living within a small community. People look out for each other compared to the modern city life where people are becoming more distant.

Outdoor Living

In city homes the activities in the evening may be sitting in front of the TV or the computer. A nice aspect of Caravan living is that there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Typically Caravan Parks are located on the beach or near the beach so morning walks and sunset strolls can be enjoyed. In summer months many residents may enjoy barbecuing in the neighbourhood and this can be a great community activity to enjoy together.


The running cost of a large home can be expensive especially if a retiree is on a fixed budget. When investigating an Onsite Caravan for Sale ask the current owner what the monthly running costs are, such as electricity and gas. It will be significantly lower than a large house in a city suburb.

If you are interested in investigating an Onsite Caravan to live in then search www.holidaylife.com.au. We have Onsite Caravans for Sale in NSW and Victoria. Close to Sydney you can find an Onsite Caravan for Sale on the Central Coast or an Onsite Caravan for Sale on the NSW South Coast.

Julian Rembrandt has spent the last 10 years in the hotel industry across Australia and Asia. Permanent Onsite Caravans have been around for many decades but the knowledge about how to make the right purchase decision has been limited. Julian helps to educate people on the best ways to go about owning an Onsite Caravan. Julian Rembrandt owns and operates Holidaylife.com.au, a listing site for Onsite Caravans for Sale.

Source: https://www.holidaylife.com.au/5-benefits-of-looking-for-an-onsite-caravan-for-sale-to-live-in/

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Rent a Caravan to Live in

Do you intend to rent a caravan to live in? Worry not because you can get access to one in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Victoria. Below are steps to follow before intending to rent a caravan to live in.

Speak to Park Management

Contact the park management ask about the terms and conditions of staying in the caravan park. Inquire about the rules and regulations stipulated by the park management. This will help you to live harmoniously with your neighbors knowing no rules will be broken during your stay at the caravan park. Caravan hire can be done on a long-term basis in Brisbane. This will make you more relaxed knowing you have somewhere comfortable to stay while in the area. Renting a caravan will also enable you to have a place to call home during your stay.

Copy of the Occupation Agreement

An occupation agreement is a lengthy document stipulating park rules, inclusions as well as annual costs. Get hold of the occupation agreement. Ensure the occupation agreement complies with legislation concerning caravan parks. This will enable you to know the terms and conditions of staying at the park. A caravan to rent to buy in the long run will enable you to become a homeowner, in the long run, having a place you can call home that’s your own.

Discuss Future Plans

Are you looking for a long-term caravan hire in Gold Coast? Ask the park management about future plans set in place to run the caravan park. Ask questions regarding your stay at the caravan park. How long will they expect you to rent a caravan to live in at the park? Are they planning to relocate the caravan park in future? These are some of the questions that should be asked in advance. This will enable you to plan for your future clearly knowing your contract lasts for a certain duration of time to avoid any conflict in the future with the park management.

Park Regulations Compliance

Don’t rent a caravan to live in without finding out whether park management abides by local council regulations. Don’t let your stay be cut short due to non-compliance of these important factors. Caravan hire for long-term purposes in Brisbane will be more peacefully after ensuring the caravan park you intend to stay in abides by local council regulations. There’s nothing as annoying as finding out the caravan park you stay in doesn’t abide by these rules getting in trouble with law enforcers. Do your own research and ensure the park management has their documents in order.


Ask what is required of you during your stay. Do they have stipulated conduct that all park residents should follow? Know what the park management requires of you and have a peaceful stay at the caravan park after renting a caravan to live in.

Park Turnover

A good caravan park will have a great park turnover. Most clients will be satisfied with park management and their services. Before buying onsite caravans for sale, it’s essential to do your research about the caravan park in question and compare them with others before purchase. Don’t regret making rushed decisions due to lack of comparisons leading to regret.

Sale Agreement

Check what the seller of the caravan has to offer. Is the owner selling furniture together with the caravan? Settle for a great deal that will definitely give you value for money in the long run.


Ensure the cost of the caravan fits within your budget. Make sure the caravan’s cost lies within the same range as other models on sale by other caravan owners. Don’t get overpriced yet there are better deals elsewhere, do your research and settle for the best.

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