Valley Pool Plaster Oak Park Pool Remodeling

Damage to household accessories is a heartbreak almost every homeowner has to go through.

And the hurt multiplies when the wear and tear extend to one of the most celebrated accessories of your home – the swimming pool.

From being an aesthetic centerpiece to all your backyard activities to being the place to wind down and relax,  a swimming pool can be quite versatile.

But ever so often the daily wear and tear and the lack of maintenance can lead to your pool getting damaged. And in most cases, remodeling might just be the only way out.

This is Precisely Where We Come In

And if you’re a resident of Oak Park, then you probably know that there are a lot of Oak Park Swimming Pool Remodeling and cleaning agencies that are up for service.

But we at Valley Pool Plaster are here today to convince you as to why we are one of the best amongst the lot.

So, sit back and read along.

What Prompts an Immediate Pool Renovation?

But before you pick up the phone and give your Oak Park Pool Remodeling serviceman a call (preferably us), you need to look for signs which determine that a pool remodeling is absolutely necessary.

The most noticeable of them all will probably be leakage and tile corrosion, but there are other signs as well, which homeowners often miss out. So, here are some of the most noteworthy:

  1. Progressive Reduction in the Water Level

Oak Park Pool Remodeling

A sudden drop in the water level is perhaps one of the most alarming signs of pool damage, which needs immediate professional care. The cause for this reduction can be due to faulty plumbing and leakage through the internal structures, which a simple DIY pool treatment may not solve.

  1. Damaged Pool Mechanisms

By pool mechanisms, we are primarily referring to the filters, the water pump, and the plumbing. As time passes by, constant wear and tear can corrode these structures and lead to the complete damage of these parts.

This, as a result, can cause leakage or even worse, stagnant water that forms a breeding ground for bacteria and algae.

  1. Damaged Pool Floor

The tiles of the pool floor are always the first to get damaged. As they are the primary recipients of the impact of chemical corrosion and dirt accumulation, they often tend to stain and break, leaving your pool unusable.

  1. Your Pool Needs A New Look

Tired of your traditional pool structure and design? Well, a complete overhaul and remodeling of your old pool can just be the best way to go.

And we have a variety of designs that you can choose from, which are sure to add a little funk in all of your deckside social events.

  1. Drab Poolside Accessories

Deckside accessories have been growing in popularity in the last few years. From adding a water slide to fountains and jacuzzis, there a lot of ways in which you can make your deck look even more attractive.

What We at Valley Pool Plaster can Do for You

Pool remodeling is by no means easy, and as an Oak Park Pool Remodelling Company we strive to provide our customers with the best service money can buy. So, if your pool is in dire need of a remodeling, these are the following that you can look forward to when you hire us:

  1. Total Excavation of Damaged Part.

To start off, we assess the damage done to the existing structure and appropriately remove the corroded parts.

This step usually takes a day or two, and in case if we have to remodel your pool or extend its boundaries completely, we might have to excavate a large part of the yard grass and soil. The process might take a day longer in that case.

  1. Setting in the framework.

After we finish the excavation, a steel crew will construct the skeleton of the required parts. This will form the base shape and structure of your new pool.

But, if we find the structural integrity of the older pool is damaged, then we might have to reinstall new frameworks throughout.

  1. New Plumbing and Filters.

Majority of the time we would be replacing your existing plumbing mechanisms and the filters. We will also make sure that the plumbing is pressure tested and the electricals meet the state code.

For filters, we provide sand, cartridge, and D.E, and we will install the one which best suits your pool and needs.

  1. Applying the Gunite.

Gunite, which is cement, will be applied to the pool skeleton by an experienced team. This concrete is a unique dry mix to which water is added onsite. The exact amount of water is accurately controlled to create the most robust inner shell for your remodeled pool.

  1. Layering Tiles and Coping.

Now that we have the final structure set in, we then start decorating your pool according to your choice and taste. From stone tiles to ceramics and mosaics we have a vast and unique collection of decorative design that you can choose from.

And if you are looking for amazing deck side attractions, we have a collection of that as well.

  1. Creating the Deck.

The pool deck is one of the most critical aspects, which grants the pool a majority of its aesthetic appeal. And we have a collection of deck designs that you can choose from; custom stone and stamped concrete would be the most recommended.

When we set in the deck, we would also be installing the deckside accessories like fire pits or fountains (based to your liking).

  1. Final Plastering and Start.

This final plastering step is probably the hardest. This is what makes your remodeled pool the talk of the town. Hence, it’s a process that must be done with meticulous precision. Plastering ensures that your pool stays beautiful with a long-lasting gloss.

Only after the plaster sets, do we cure it and adjust the chemicals of the pool, and make it ready for use.

Happy Swimming.

Oak Park Pool Remodeling service is indeed something that we are the best at. And we hope that our guide today was able to convince you as to why we consider ourselves one of the top Oak Park Pool Remodeling Company.

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Reseda Pool Cleaning Company: How to Find the Best One?

Summer is coming and that means it will soon be time to have fun outdoors with your friends and family.

No more teeth-gnashing, knees-shivering coldness. We’re all going to enjoy ice-cream and coke again!

And if you live in Los Angeles, you know what We mean. Most of the houses in Reseda have outdoor pools to make basking in the sun much more fun than hiding from it. If you have a pool, you are set for the summer. Well, almost.

Believe it or not; cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool is not child’s play. And if you have no experience in these matters, we bet you’ll have a tough situation on your hands.

The solution? A capable Pool Cleaning Reseda company that knows what they’re doing.

Why is pool cleaning such a big deal?

The pool has been left unused for the whole winter and you’re probably thinking of getting your pool to be as prepared as you are for the summer. However, cleaning a pool can get quite tough at times, especially when you are working and have no spare time to thoroughly clean.

Pool Cleaning Reseda

And let’s be honest; if you’ve had a pool for a long time, you know that keeping it clean is crucial for regular use.

Maintenance of pools is definitely not an easy task that you can take care of by yourself every single time. If you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders already, know that pool cleaning is a daunting task that needs at least a day to clean and make sure everything is well-maintained.

If you think that it’s time to get your pool another touch of cleaning, we here at Valley Pool Plaster can help you out with that. Our goal is to make y sure you get the best out of it for your ideal summertime!

To do so, we will provide you a few guidelines on how to make sure you get the best Reseda Pool Cleaner near you. This way, you don’t have to worry about costs that don’t match with the services you receive, you know? If you pay for the best, it is also fair that you should receive the best!

So, let’s get started!

Why should you clean your pool on a regular basis?

Simply put, a pool is stagnant water that anybody and anything can get into.

Any liquid that stays in the same place runs the risk of breeding of bacteria, fungi, and algae. Not only they may cause terrible illnesses, but they also can accumulate and block the pool’s drainage systems, the pool’s pumps, disrupt water heaters.

Yes, you might use water sanitizers to keep the water clean, but that is a treatment that is solely meant to make the water hygienic for our body. The pool, however, remains contaminated still.

We recommend you clean your pool every once in a while so it does not affect your family’s health.

In relation to Pool Cleaning Reseda, we’d love to give you a list of pool services we provide. They include resurfacing, cleaning, replastering, remodeling, and more, based on contracts.

With that being said, let’s move on.

A list of features you need to look for in a Pool Cleaning Reseda company

Now, let’s venture on to the main topic that we are here for in the first place. Consider this as a guide just in case this is the first time you’re finding Reseda pool service or if you are still not sure what kinds of things you need to take into consideration in order to find the best pool cleaning team/service for you.

We have listed down the main things that you need to go through to find the best Reseda pool service.

Look for professionals

Never settle for amateurs. Ever. What you get from experts is the best kind of service; better than what you get from people who have no experience. If you care about your health and those in your family, you would want the best for them. What we would advise you is to look up a few good services and ask for recommendations. That way, the pool remains healthy and so do you.

A Reseda Pool Cleaner team that is well-trained and can finish their work on time will be a very good investment.

Fairly-priced services

Do not get fooled by high-priced services. In the end, make sure that you don’t regret having paid so much for disappointing services. Just because a team charges a large amount of money, does not mean they’ll always render great services. You must get what you pay for.

Also, make sure you inquire about all the services they provide beforehand. See what quality of work you can expect to receive for the amount you pay.

You also need to check how soon they can finish the work because the sooner they do, the lesser money you need to spend on the pool.

The paradox here is that you spend money to maintain your pool only to not spend money again later on. However, it is simply because the money you spend on maintenance will always be lesser than the cost of reconstructing the whole pool if something ever happens to it.

Highly recommended team

Be it by family, friends, neighbors or people you see online, a highly recommended Pool Cleaning Reseda service will help you a lot. If the closest people to you give good reviews about a service, chances are they are very good at what they do. We suggest you take their word for it and see for yourself.

Final word on Reseda Pool Cleaners

We cannot help but want the best pool providers that are affordable for you.

One thing you must keep in mind is that you should always do a little research by yourself before you decide which team you want to work on making your pool better.

Following the tips that we have provided can also make your job of searching the best Pool Cleaning Reseda Company easier.

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Calabasas pool remodeling


Have Renovation in Mind?

There is a saying in the renovation industry, “Renovation is like a box of chocolates, you don’t always know what you are going to get.”

And it only adds to the problem, that the scheduled upkeep of our swimming pools is often one of the last thing which comes to our minds. A luxury; seldom appreciated, often misused.

It is for the same reason that when you do decide to spend on the upkeep of your pool, it has to be a calculated and meticulous decision.

We know it may seem a little overwhelming and frightening at first, but trust us; a well thought out plan is going to save you hundreds of your hard-earned dollars.

Before we dive into the finer details, first let us understand the various instances when and why your pool may need pool refurbishment.

Calabasas pool remodeling

Calabasas pool remodeling

  1. You Notice a Gradual Drop in Water Level

There could be several factors contributing to the fall of water level. Your pool probably has its floor glass mosaic pool tiles eroded. This means that the tiles which were supposed to act as a barrier between the water volume and the ever so thirsty ground, have given away to erosion.

Water could be slowly seeping into the earth.

Another possible reason for this could be a faulty plumbing leaking somewhere. If such is the case, then no, a simple water sealant won’t fix it. You need to call in the professionals.

  1. The Floor’s Friction Has Reduced

Although contrary to popular belief, that eventually the floor erodes and feels rougher to the touch, a fault in the filter and pumping mechanism can lead to sediment deposition on the floor, and render the floor texture slippery.

Why should this be a matter of concern? It is because sediments encourage the growth of the slimy moss on the floor. This poses a two-fold threat.

A floor that is difficult to stand upon and a greenish tint in the pool waters.

  1. It Feels Outdated And Defunct

With the exponential increment in technology and designs, it is quite normal to feel that your pool is already dated even if it is just a few years old.

That, or the fact that old plumbing and pumps would be better off with a replacement after years of service.

You would definitely not want your pool to stick out as a sore thumb in your beautiful garden parties and celebrations, would you?

  1. The Plumbing Has Worn Out

Sometimes, even if we are up to date with the maintenance of the pool and its equipments, it is possible for a few components to give away after prolonged use.

Plumbing is one such part of the pool. A vital component which renders the pool inoperative eventually if not corrected instantly.

How does one know if plumbing is at fault? For starters, you notice that it takes longer for the pool to refill. A reduction in water level could also be pointing at a leaking pipe in the structure which needs immediate attention.

  1. It is Simply Dreary

We would suggest you to go for renovation if you feel that the act of spending time outdoors in the pool has become monotonous.

Perhaps you could add a water slide for kids, or a ramp for adults to jump from.

These simple additions would help a lot in turning the ambience up a notch.

A Few Ideas You Could Consider for Renovation

  1. Fountains and Falls

Like we said, no one wants a fun activity to become monotonous. Adding something as simple as a fountain, or a shiny new slide goes a long way to add to the mood.

  1. Change or Add Some Night Lights

You must have noticed in many Hollywood movies that how picturesque the pool, which is lighted properly, looks at night.

Some small LED lights beneath the surface of the water, or on the side walls, truly add to the beautiful atmosphere near a pool.

A night swim with a glass of champagne will never be the same again!

  1. Modify the Shape And Add Beautiful Designs

Perhaps when remodelling, you could shape it like an 8. Or you could strip away the old obsolete tiles and replace them with exciting new designs.

How about adding a few plastic animals here and there? You may notice that kids suddenly seem too eager to swim and play around the pool. We recommend experimenting with various looks.

And Finally, Picking The Right Remodelling Company

Does the Company Have a Good Track Record?

We have seen many people spend their precious and hard-earned money on shady contractors who have bad or no track record. It is always prudent to perform a background check on the said company. You could ask around town, or enquire from your friends who already have a pool. It helps, always.

Are They Legitimate And Do They Have the Proper Clearance?

Unknown to the general population, it is fairly easy to fall prey to fraudulent contractors and agencies. It is always best to seek agencies which have the membership of The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, and whose technicians are CPO certified.

This ensures prompt and quality service as you have a governing body to complain or fall back on.

Do They Cater to Your Needs and Have The Desired Expertise?

If the company that you are planning to hire is incapable of implementing your choices and designs, it is always better to move on and pick out another, than trying to negotiate a middle road. Sift through their history for any grievances from past employers, and this will give you a clue as to whether they fit the bill or not.

We Are Here to Help!

Who knew that a task as simple as remodeling your pool can seem so daunting and befuddling? But this thorough planning is necessary if you want to spend just and spend right.

Life has given us plenty of things to worry about; don’t let the puny pool be another taskmaster!

Armed with our highly-skilled technicians for Calabasas Pool Remodeling Service, you will have the best pool to boast about in the neighborhood. Just give us a quick call and we’ll handle everything from there!

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Calabasas Pool Cleaning Services

Stanton Pools is your local and reliable resource for pool-related work in Thousand Oaks, CA and throughout the Calabasas.. We are a full Calabasas pool cleaning business, and our qualified professionals are able to address nearly any issue that arises. We provide superior routine maintenance in order to keep everything clean and sparkly so that the water is always properly balanced. Whatever your particular need, we’ll come to your aid and address it promptly.

Calabasas Pool Cleaning Services

Nobody wants a dirty pool when the sun is shining in Thousand Oaks, and you can always count on us to make sure your pool is perfect and ready for your effortless enjoyment. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, which is why our qualified technicians always pay attention to detail. We check and adjust the water industry, brush down the tiles and check the water level. All debris is removed from the pool both on the surface and the bottom. We empty all the baskets and leaf traps. The equipment is inspected for early signs of trouble, ensuring your investment is protected. We want your pool perfect and ready for your effortless enjoyment. We expect our team members to do their best, and that translates to excellent service.

If you’re around Thousand Oaks, CA, pool your quest may be easier than you think. We’ve got an experienced team ready to make sure yours is in optimal condition. You can always expect great work from us because we’re trying to win you as a lifetime customer! Whenever you’re ready for professional work, we’ll come by your Thousand Oaks, CA, residence and get started. Stanton Pool is committed to your satisfaction, so give us a call today.

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Valley Pool

Swimming Pool Remodeling And Lanscaping Ideas For Your Backyard

If it is time for a change, or you need some repairs done to your pool and have decided to add some new features at the same time, look into what options you have for your Calabasas pool remodeling project. There are so many things you can do to your pool to change its look or add some elegance to it, but you need to know the designs out there so you can take the elements you want and customize your own style.

When you know what you want, look into swimming pool installers to get free estimates of swimming pool installation and see what your pool refurbishment will cost. It is best when specialists handle your project to ensure it is done well, so make sure you get the best prices for the service.



Depending on the type of pool you have, the swimming pool resurfacing you opt for can vary. If you have vinyl swimming pools, the only change to the surface you can make is by changing the swimming pool liners, however, you can choose a different color or pattern and that simple change will make a drastic difference.

Valley Pool swimming pools are very durable and might not require a Calabasas pool remodeling for a while, but when it is time for a reparation or change, you can opt for quartz or pebble plastering, since they will provide a longer lifespan and more stability to your pool through Tile and Grout Cleaning.

In a concrete pool, you can also opt for changing the swimming pool tiles. It will be lengthy, but you can choose from vibrant glass, mosaic, or even stone-look tiles to add a new appeal to your pool.


For a remodeling project, you may want to save on expensive structural changes and go with renovations to the landscaping in and around the pool. Adding a swimming pool enclosure can make a large impact, especially if you opt for a conservatory style which will allow space for lounge chairs, changing rooms and even the possibility of a sunroof.

Other ideas for swimming pool landscaping can add flair to the pool, by adding things like waterfalls, sculptures, water fountains or rocky mountains. Water features like these can take an ordinary pool and make it exotic and unique, so they are great ideas if you want a drastic change.

Finally, there are many decorating ideas you can incorporate around the pool, from adding different glass mosaic pool tiles to the deck to planting gardens and adding small buildings like gazebos or changing cabins. The swimming pool remodeling options available to you are plentiful if you have the time and the money to dedicate to this project.

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