How Can You Protect Yourself and Others During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Precautions against corona

Covid-19 is a terrifying unpredictability global pandemic. Certain people are cured, but others – it permanently damages the lungs.

We’ve seen that it’s not just the elderly and those who have medical conditions pre-existing that are affected by the virus. Are there any chances to protect them in this terrifying COVID-19 pandemic, and future world-wide viral attacks? Can we do better to defend ourselves? Can we have to do COVID testing for this pandemic?

Let’s examine the immune system.

Our immune system is split into two categories:

Our inherent immunity is the immunity system we have been given, and helps to keep foreign threats out: viruses, bacteria and toxic substances…

Our adaptive immunity body detects threats, and creates antibodies for that threat. Threats are neutralized as the body’s adaptive immune system “remembers” it, which means we can expect that any subsequent responses to that threat will be also neutralized.

It is common to hear people speak of “strengthening your defense system”. There’s a staggering number of supplements which claim to boost your immune system.


The most important thing we need is a well-balanced immune system. When it’s not balanced the immune system does not just fail to defend us, but it may even attack us, mistaking our cells as pathogens that invade (nasties) which can lead to chronic and debilitating inflammation as well as the development of autoimmune diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus and allergies are just a few examples of autoimmune reactions.

Let’s look at Covid-19 Precautions:

COVID-19 is a disease caused by coronavirus. Human coronaviruses are widespread and are often associated with mild illness like the common cold.

Based on Mayo Clinic:

“The virus is known as “novel” because it began in an animal population, it was passed on to humans and has now spread from human to humans.

Our immune systems haven’t experienced this specific type in the past, which means there is no way to develop immunity. It’s likely to be more infectious than flu viruses as well as the common cold due to the fact that it’s the first time humans have encountered it.

Humans do not have a way to prepare themselves for the virus, and their immune system isn’t equipped to combat it. The virus is able to spread through the body producing more cell damage and generating more inflammation cells.”

Covid-19 is a brand new concept to us.

Research has revealed that a lot of those who die in the coronavirus novel pandemic are harmed in a greater way by the immune system of their bodies than viruses themselves. It is the inflammation by the immune system, which poses the greatest risk. If you are felling not well and want to do corona testing, you can search for covid testing near me and there are lots of locations you will get.

Research conducted by at the University of Melbourne is showing us “a strong immune response that spans various cell types was linked with the clinical recovery”. A balanced immune response appears to be the primary factor for patients who are able to recover.

Scientists are now talking about something called a cytokine-related storm. While it’s still in the middle of a huge debate, a cytokine crisis is an overactive immune response that is inflammatory and that are out of control. Uncontrolled release of proinflammatory cells.

Researchers and doctors are becoming convinced that in certain cases of protect the body’s immune system during Covid-19 is reacting overly to the virus, causing the cytokine storm. The immune system exhibits an extremely strong response, which causes more harm that the actual virus. Doctors are now making use of powerful anti-inflammatory medications to fight off the virus.

There are thousands of articles, including hundreds of studies about the conditions that are linked to chronic inflammation. It is believed that the survival of Covid-19, or death, is tied to other diseases are linked to inflammation and immune system.

Research into Covid-19 is quite recent. All over the planet has put research projects on hold and is now scrambling in order to protect lives. There’s so much we don’t know yet, but we don’t have time to research it.

protect yourself during COVID-19

All of us must take every effort to safeguard ourselves and have the social obligation of doing all we can to stop the expansion of pandemic.

Many of us believe that we are living an unhealthy lifestyle, but we’re actually increasing the amount of oxidative stress. This could lead to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation, as well as those cytokine-related storms are connected to chronic illness and even death, as research advances. Research suggests that Covid-19 is not a one-off we have to protect ourselves.

Shira Litwack, chronic care prevention and management. She offers individual and corporate health programs that are based on the health of the cell. Reducing oxidative stress and chronic inflammation is essential to living a healthy life and preventing disease.

Insufficiently educating about the health of cells and the body, and not evaluating and reducing chronic inflammation, is one reason that so many health programs do not work!