Everything You Need To Know About Car Extended Warranty

Car Extended Warranty

A Car Warranty is a thing that comes with every car provided by the manufacturer in which a written ordinance is made which compels the manufacturer to repair or replace any defective part of the car for a fixed period within certain limitations.

The warranty schemes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, one crucial thing that comes to everyone’s mind is what you will do after this term expires? This gives birth to a new term known as car extended warranty. It is just like the standard warranty, but you get more time for your car. It is a significant component for the buyer to look after at the time of purchasing the car.

Is Extended Warranty Really Required?

Purchasing an extended car warranty depends on the individual plan of ownership system. If you plan to use a car within its normal warranty and sell it, you may waive an extended warranty; but it can help with negotiations and result in better sales value. However, it will seem very beneficial if you plan to keep the car longer than the normal warranty. Yes, cars today are more reliable than ever, but there may be some failures, especially after two or three years, as with any machine. This is where an extended warranty really helps.

Know More about Extended Warranty

The things covered under the extended warranty depending on the manufacturer and the model in question. Manufacturers often provide engine and electrical damage plans but not the normal ageing components. Also, labour costs are cover, so it will be free if it is a complex replacement or repair. Examine third-party schemes as well, as in any warranty terms listed under insurance firms. However, it is always easy to get your extended warranty from the manufacturer itself.

On the other hand, you cannot use an extended warranty to maintain normal car service. As mentioned earlier, other manufacturers do not cover everyday wear and tear components such as brake pads, clutch, and other electrical equipment.

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In addition, problems with paint, rust, upholstery and any other worn parts due to age will not be covered. Serving a car outside an authorized service centre, adding aftermarket services, repairing electricity, paint scratches, accidental damage, floods, or earthquakes also do not result in extended warranties.

Is It Worth Buying?

You can purchase an extended warranty from the manufacturer or retailers. You can also check out third-party offers as there may be better schemes. It is recommended that you purchase an extended warranty at the time of purchase as you may have a better deal. In normal circumstances, people buy an extended warranty before the standard warranty period expires; however, in some cases, manufacturers have a time limit.


Therefore, buying a car extended warranty can prove beneficial, especially if you seek to look after your car for a more extended period of time. And while it may cost you a premium, it can save you a lot of money over time or help you sell your car.