Who Has the Best Zero Turn Mower in Sydney?


When you need the power and versatility of a compact tractor, but want the maneuverability and visibility of a zero turn mower, the Ventrac 3400 will give you the best of both worlds and more. Engineered with an innovative articulating frame, the 3400 tractor is the industry’s best combination of visibility, maneuverability, power and versatility. Find out how this ideal combination can turn the work you have to do, into the work you love to do.

Zero Turn Mower Sydney
Zero Turn Mower Sydney


The 3400 models are sub compact tractors with attachments that are built for commercial use, as they will allow operators to get ready to perform the next task more efficiently. This process does not require you to use any tools or have to do any heavy lifting. The 3400 models provide a great blend of the capabilities of a zero turn tractor and a compact tractor. They have the visibility, maneuverability, and versatility that a zero turn will give, but also the versatility of a compact tractor.

But it offers much more than that. The centre articulation frame ensures that your articulating mower will not turf that can happen with many zero turn mower Sydney. The out front of this compact tractor mower allows users to get closer to objects to trim the grass on the lawn them more effectively than a zero turn mower would. The 3000 series will remain stable while moving on slopes and a lighter footprint to get into wetter areas on your yard.

With the correct attachment, 3400 models are also great for removing leaves during autumn with its leaf blower capabilities and for grinding stumps. They are also great during the wintertime in places where snow occurs. These sub compact tractors have blades and a snow blower powerful enough to move large quantities of snow.

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