What Does Print Advertising Include?

When we think of the millennial demographic, digital marketing always come into play. We think of millennials as being glued to their smart phones 24/7, therefore only responding to ads and promotions that are displayed online.

You’d be surprised to know that in research done and compiled by USPS, it appears that there are a couple of myths about millennials that need to be debunked–among which are how they respond to direct mail and printed marketing materials.

So, how do you tap into this influential demographic?

Here are five ways you can do so using print marketing:

  • Send direct mail

Yes, you’ve read that right. Millennials still appreciate good old direct mail with about 84% regularly looking through their mails and around 64% of them who would rather go through direct mail for useful information instead of e-mails.

  • Entice them using print ads

Whether it’s in magazines, newspapers, or in direct mail, millennials do think that print ads are more credible and trustworthy. This highly contradicts the notion that millennials are superglued to their smartphones and completely ignore anything print. Since a large percentage of their demographic trusts print materials, it can likewise be said that they base their purchasing decisions on printed promotional materials as well.

  • Clarify your message

Be it on print Calgary or online, make sure to clarify your message. Don’t try too hard in using complex words or inappropriate slang. Millennials are known to be very smart and discerning consumers and can’t be easily swayed with unnecessary fluff that’s inauthentic and not at all sincere.

  • Integrate digital marketing

Even though print Calgary is not dead for millennials, you’ll still need to find a way to integrate both print and digital marketing into your business. Some ways you can do this is by including QR codes into the fine print or perhaps coming up with a solid CTA that would lead the readers towards the site or a special link.

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  • Reward them and make them feel good

Another effective tip to truly appeal to millennial is by adding a little something with how you promote your brand’s service or product that’s in line with doing well and helping others. On top of providing conventional customer rewards, you can also add in a special cause that would motivate them even more to shell out money for what you’re offering.

It’s no secret how millennials contribute largely to the economy and have such a massive influence in various economic trends, particularly in commerce. This is why you, as a business owner or marketing professional, should know how to harness certain strategies to appeal to their demographic.

Since there are several myths about how millennials respond to physical print, it’s important to know what’s the truth from mere assumptions in order to plan and execute your marketing strategy more effectively. Incorporating digital and print marketing together makes for an efficient tactic and our team here at Calgary Economy Printers are more than ready to help you in stocking up on the necessary print materials you need.

Give your Calgary print shop a call now to inquire about our full range of Calgary printing services, including business card printing, direct mails, posters, brochures, and so on. We’re sure to deliver on the highest quality of print materials exactly when you need it, so don’t delay anymore and let’s get the ball rolling on your internet marketing plan.