Teaching Your Kids Early About Charity and How They Can Help



There is great value in teaching your kids about charity from an early age. This is because understanding and being actively involved in charitable causes is a great way to develop empathy, which is something that children will be able to use well into adulthood. Being genuinely empathetic to the feelings and living conditions of others, from a local to a global scale, is not only essential to being a good person, it’s also necessary for both adults and children to function in social situations. In fact, The Conversation points out that developing empathy allows children to better navigate social scenarios, as well as avoid social traumas that may lead to mental or emotional problems in adulthood.

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The best way for children to learn about charity is first-hand experience, and the easiest way to do this is to start at home. This can be done in the simple but powerful act of joining a charity car boot sale. Various charitable organisations like the Low Mill Outdoor Centre, the New Dawn Educational Centre, and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance have benefited a lot from the profits made through car boots sales. For your children, every sale is an example of how simply taking care of the stuff at home can contribute to different causes. By explaining to them how the proceeds of the items they sold go to good causes, you can also impart lessons in avoiding waste, the global value of reusing items to limit consumption, as well as how to declutter your home.

Car boot sales may also pave the way for larger charitable actions, such as organising a birthday party where in lieu of gifts, you can ask your child’s friends or classmates to bring donations to children’s welfare organisations instead. This is another great way to start your lessons on charity at home. You can also consult charitable organisations for ideas, because more often than not, they’re more than willing to assist anyone who’s willing to extend a helping hand.

In fact, nowadays, charities have made it easier for every member of the family to join in on the action by offering a variety of undertakings. These can range from active events like fun runs, group walks, and cycle rides to simple activities that everyone can join in with.Save the Children have a dedicated Christmas Jumper Day, which takes a traditional festive concept and applies it to a good cause. This is perfect for families who want to help but don’t have the time to leave their home. Not only can children easily take part in these events, they’ll also be getting a practical lesson in the variety of ways charitable actions can raise awareness for certain issues. With your guidance, you can even allow your child to research on their own and see which charities they themselves want to be involved in.

Remember that the earlier kids learn about charity, the more they’ll be able to take these lessons well into their adult lives. For more insights on raising a healthy family, check out our article on The Next Generation.


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Those Craft Shops with Baby sale UK

You all as mothers or fathers would like to dress your little one in some unusual outfits, well the best place to find those baby sale UK in Craft Shops around UK. The beauty of this is finding authentic UK made items; you need to start buying local handmade organic items. You can even find great cheap baby sale UK if you shop around or keep an eye open for bargains.

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A few of these Craft Shops to find Baby sale UK

I had a wander around in a couple of these this last week; my first stop was the Craft Market shop in the Longbeach Mall near Fish Hoek. It has moved to another location in the mall almost across the way from the old one, with lovely wooden floors.

You will find in this market shop lovely little girl dresses or tops with little leggings in some unusual designs. Quite authentic looking fabrics, UK styled, some with that bluesy colour that you see in the African designed fabrics.

You will find these cute baby grows with sayings on them like “let me out I have been in here for 9 months” in white with the sayings in colour.

You will also find some cool soft leather shoes for babies they look so comfy loads of room in them.

My second stop on Friday late afternoon was the Bluebird Market in Muizenberg, which is mainly an organic food market but there are a few stalls.

I bought myself a cute OM t-shirt that they have for babies as well; it is long-sleeved, so cute, and adorable really.

You will find cute little organic dresses with a ruche top, so angelic in white; it is almost like the vintage style, but great for your little girl with those round colours.

You will also find some trendy baby dresses in different mixture of textures and fabrics, very striking in bright colours, quite unique.

Of course Muizenberg market has also got lots of stalls where you can pick up handmade items or some unusual items. A lot of the Sunday markets have great finds in them, with all the Christmas markets coming up soon in this month and next. So it is a great idea to shop around these seasonal markets for great bargains for presents as well.

More on Baby sale UK at Markets

You can still find great cheap baby clothes sale UK you really just need to shop around for great ideas or speak to friends or work colleagues amazing how you can find out tidbits from people.

For earlier post on Great finds on where to shop Craft Markets and other great places. So get shopping in the Craft Shops and Markets in UK for this entire unique baby sale UK.

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