Learn to Drive Your Way

driving instructors

driving instructors

All of us are capable of learning new things and increasing our skills and knowledge but we don’t all choose to learn in the same way. This is why you will be provided with a range of different learning resources to accommodate your preferred mix of learning styles.

The aim is to produce a personalized training that will enable you to acquire new skills in a more natural and often faster and long lasting way, making your driving instructors enjoyable and interesting.

Traditionally driving instructors have been structured in order to cover a preset syllabus using a system that rigidly followed the “explanation-demonstration-practice” routine, leaving little choice for the learner to think about the best way to learn but to accept passively the method “suggested” by the instructor/teacher.

This method can work with some students but can be highly counterproductive when applied to other students if different approaches are not offered or explored.

At Queensland Driving instructors we understand that we are all different and we learn at different paces by adopting different strategies, that’s why is important to establish your preferred mix of learning styles so that you can learn more effectively and quickly.

You will have noticed that every driving school offer driving instructors that “will meet your personal needs” but do you know EXACTLY HOW?

driving instruction
driving instruction

The suggestions I offer are meant to outline a range of possibilities from which you can choose, rather then being a set of rules to which you must always adhere.

When learning to drive you will come across a great variety of different subjects which are often linked to each other. Only you can decide how to learn a particular skill, provided that you are left free to choose and have access to a great variety of resources.

What are the different learning styles?

It is commonly accepted that people generally tend to learn by using one or a combination of three different learning styles. These are:

-Visual learning

-Auditory learning

-Kinaesthetic learning

Visual learners are referred as “let me see” learners, meaning that they like graphs, diagrams, charts, videos and they are often good at creating a mental picture of things they have seen.

Auditory learners learn best through verbal lectures, talking things through and listening to what others have to say.

Kinaesthetic persons learn best through a hands-on approach, they will want to roll up their sleeves and do something practical to reinforce their learning experience so they will adopt a tactile approach using all of their senses.

During your driving instructors you will find that different subjects require a different approach, this is normal and you will be encouraged to try and test videos, diagrams, demonstrations, briefings, direct experience etc.

In the learning resources section you will find everything you need to make your learning easier and, more importantly, you will be left free to choose the method that suits you best.