CrossFit Pittsburgh

Elements of the Best Crossfit Pittsburgh

In everything we do, we believe in making you a better person.  That means we have to strive to be the Best CrossFit Pittsburgh has to offer.  We work hard on a daily basis to be just a little bit better than we were yesterday.  Over the years, we’ve identified three primary elements that we think makes us the Best CrossFit Pittsburgh. Those three elements are fitness, culture, and community.  While the elements are technically separate in nature, you will see that they work together to provide a well rounded environment.

First, is fitness.  Obviously, as a CrossFit Box, we offer the greatest fitness program in the world, CrossFit.  We are not trying to train the next Tour de France winner.  We are not trying to train NFL football players.  These are specialists in their area of fitness.  We are trying to train people to be generally physically fit to take on anything life throws at them.  A functional fitness program, like CrossFit, prepares you to handle small things like mowing the lawn, moving boxes, or running around the yard with your kids.  Once you start CrossFit, you quickly change from the person who has to stop and rest, to the person who is waiting for those who have to stop and rest.  However, it also does so much more.  Through the fitness our members gain through CrossFit, they can do things like rock climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting, new sports, stand-up paddle board, run 5Ks, etc. with no other training.  When done properly, CrossFit can also help you maintain, and restore, vitality into your later years.  We have members ranging from 25 years old to 80 years old.  We have a saying at Industrial Athletics that we are Forging Elite Fitness For Life.

Best CrossFit PittsburghSecond is our culture.  We promote a healthy life style, teaching people to act with integrity and humility, ready to take on any form of adversity.  So much of being the Best CrossFit Pittsburgh has in the city limits means making you physically healthier.  We are a Pittsburgh fitness center, after all.  However, we also want to make you mentally healthier as well.  We help you become a happier more fulfilled person through the forming of lasting relationship, helping our local Pittsburgh community, and always being grateful for what we have.  We encourage our members to get rid of their ego and be ready to learn from anyone in any situation.  We also help people develop integrity.  Put simply, we do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it.  Finally, through the environment our coaches create, our members develop the confidence to overcome challenges we encounter in life.

Third, is our Community.  This is the #1 most cited element from our members who say we are the best.  The people you meet at the Best CrossFit Pittsburgh has to offer are going to become your best friends.  The environment at the gym is always supportive and encouraging.  You will first meet the other people who attend the same classes you do.  We’ve had members go to dinner together and even plan vacations together.  We also host monthly social events and volunteer events.  Sometimes these events are in the gym, sometimes they are outside in the surrounding Pittsburgh area.  We’ve even traveled to semi-local parks and rivers  Regardless of what we do, or where we go, we try to get our members to interact inside and outside of the gym.  Many people who are moving to Pittsburgh have plugged into our Community as their initial, and long term, social network in the new home.  We help them integrate into a city they don’t know.  Our Community network provides advice on needed services like doctors, mechanics, shopping, restaurants, and more.

Any CrossFit gym is going to offer fitness.  But, to be the best CrossFit Pittsburgh has to offer, we’ve developed more.  As we said in the beginning, we are trying to make you a better person.  That takes much more than just doing a number of air squats and burpees.

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Who Has the Best Zero Turn Mower in Sydney?


When you need the power and versatility of a compact tractor, but want the maneuverability and visibility of a zero turn mower, the Ventrac 3400 will give you the best of both worlds and more. Engineered with an innovative articulating frame, the 3400 tractor is the industry’s best combination of visibility, maneuverability, power and versatility. Find out how this ideal combination can turn the work you have to do, into the work you love to do.

Zero Turn Mower Sydney

Zero Turn Mower Sydney


The 3400 models are sub compact tractors with attachments that are built for commercial use, as they will allow operators to get ready to perform the next task more efficiently. This process does not require you to use any tools or have to do any heavy lifting. The 3400 models provide a great blend of the capabilities of a zero turn tractor and a compact tractor. They have the visibility, maneuverability, and versatility that a zero turn will give, but also the versatility of a compact tractor.

But it offers much more than that. The centre articulation frame ensures that your articulating mower will not turf that can happen with many zero turn mower Sydney. The out front of this compact tractor mower allows users to get closer to objects to trim the grass on the lawn them more effectively than a zero turn mower would. The 3000 series will remain stable while moving on slopes and a lighter footprint to get into wetter areas on your yard.

With the correct attachment, 3400 models are also great for removing leaves during autumn with its leaf blower capabilities and for grinding stumps. They are also great during the wintertime in places where snow occurs. These sub compact tractors have blades and a snow blower powerful enough to move large quantities of snow.

Contact us today

Would you like more information on how you can benefit from using a compact tractor mower?

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What Is Creatine… and Should You Be Taking It

Over the past several decades, countless dietary supplements have flooded the golf fitness scottsdale industry claiming to do everything from improving performance to dropping body fat in a few short weeks. The unfortunate truth about many of these products is that most are not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and may contain variable quantities of the desired supplement, filler ingredients, and even contaminants that may be harmful if ingested. Creatine, on the other hand, is available over the counter and in various forms, and is not screened for or banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the International Olympic Committee (IOC), or the NCAA.

Since creatine grew in popularity in the early 1990s, 1,000+ clinical trials and studies have been conducted with billions of servings of creatine ingested. Creatine is now regularly used among recreational, collegiate, and professional athletes as one of the most popular sports dietary supplements on the market, with more than $400 million in annual sales. Creatine in supplement form is a tasteless, crystalline powder that readily dissolves in liquids when in monohydrate form. Roughly 95% is stored in skeletal muscle in fast twitch, type II fibers. It serves as an energy substrate for the contraction of skeletal muscle with the intention of creatine supplementation being to increase phosphocreatine levels in muscles, as well as free creatine, with the goal of postponing fatigue, for performance enhancing results.

golf fitness scottsdale

golf fitness scottsdale

Creatine is one of the most popular nutritional ergogenic aids for athletes. Studies have consistently shown that creatine supplementation increases intramuscular creatine concentrations which helps aids in the performance of high intensity exercise performance leading to greater training adaptations. In addition to athletic and exercise improvement, research has shown that creatine supplementation may enhance post-exercise recovery, injury prevention, thermoregulation, rehabilitation, and concussion and/or spinal cord neuroprotection. Clinical applications of creatine supplementation have been studied involving neurodegenerative diseases (muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease), diabetes, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, aging, brain and heart ischemia, adolescent depression, and pregnancy. These studies provide a large body of evidence that creatine can not only improve exercise performance but can play a role in preventing and/or reducing the severity of injury, enhancing rehabilitation from injuries, and helping athletes tolerate heavy training loads.

In terms of its general makeup, creatine is a nitrogenous organic compound found in muscle that is available in the diet through consumption of milk, red and white meat, fish, and mollusks, with meat and fish providing the richest sources. A typical non-vegetarian diet supplies anywhere from 1 to 2 g of creatine per day. An average 155 lb young man has a creatine pool between 120 and 140 g, varying by muscle fiber type and muscle bulk.

In a normal diet that contains 1–2 g/day of creatine, muscle creatine stores are about 60–80% saturated. The most effective way to increase muscle creatine stores is to ingest 5 g of creatine monohydrate (or approximately 0.3 g/kg body weight) four times daily for 5–7 days. A loading dose of creatine is often used prior to implementation of a daily maintenance dose. Some studies have indicated that creatine stores can be increased without a loading dose, albeit over longer periods of time. A commonly accepted loading dose regimen is 20 to 25 grams per day, divided 4 times daily for 5 to 7 days. After the loading phase is complete a 5-10g per day dosage is required for maintenance.

Despite the large body of research supporting supplementation of creatine, the majority of the products on the market are not regulated by the FDA. This illustrates the importance of putting your trust into products like DotFit’s creatine monohydrate that is NSF certified for sport, which means it’s third-party tested and guaranteed to be both safe and effective.

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dentist melbourne

How To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist?

The first step towards addressing dental fear is recognizing it. People can write their concerns on paper to inform the dentist Melbourne of this, including the reasons for the anxiety, for a convenient solution.

bridges port melbourne

Seek The Assistance Of The Right Dental Specialist

When you want to address the fear of dental treatments, you should ensure that you are choosing the services of the right dental clinic and dentist. You can search for dental specialists who offer qualified treatments for patients with dental anxiety.

You can also call the dental clinic and confirm that they can accommodate your requirements. Additionally, you can visit the dental clinic and meet the dentist Melbourne to ensure that you are getting a relaxed environment there.

Some dental clinics offer special treatment options for people who struggle with dental anxiety. Bay Street Dental Group provides sleep dentistry solutions to people who struggle with fear of dentist issues. Our sleep dentistry solutions are designed to help patients relax and offer them a stress-free dental treatment experience.

Active Two-Way Communication With Your Dentist

Communicating with your dentist Melbourne is the most important step for overcoming the dentist anxiety. You can share your apprehensions, concerns, and fears with the dentists and help them to design a suitable treatment plan based on your needs. Effective two-way communication may relax some patients and help them to proceed with the treatment.

Find Smart Strategies To Reduce Your Fears

You can reduce your dental fear through smart steps. You can start with milder treatments and get experienced with the treatment environment before moving to complex treatment procedures.

You can also ask a friend or a family member to accompany you. It can make you feel more supported.

While going through the treatment, you can play with distraction strategies to divert attention from fear. You can count to yourself, listen to music, and fiddle with stress balls to relax yourself during the dental procedure.

Practising relaxation techniques is another great option to keep yourself calm before the dental treatments as well as during the procedure. You can pray, meditate, or visualise things to relax from the dental fear. Breathing techniques also can help you to reduce your heartbeat and relax you.

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