So What Exactly is Sustainable Living?

Sustainable living, sustainable parenting, eco-friendly lifestyle, green living are very much the buzzwords of the moment. Politicians everywhere are discussing ‘plastic’ , recycling, climate-change, The Paris Climate Agreement etc and people are trying to work out how best to live in a more eco-friendly manner. Yet there doesn’t seem to be a definitive way to live sustainably. Should we all be drinking out of reusable coffee cups, dressing our babies in organic baby clothes, wrapping them in a bamboo swaddle and looking for ‘soil association’ or Fairtrade cotton labels on everything we put on our skin and wear on our bodies?

What is Sustainable Living?

How can we live sustainably then? There are so many ways to define sustainability but in a nutshell, it all boils down to us living in such a way that our basic needs for water, food and housing/shelter are met without causing any harm to the environment. So we live in a way that is mindful of future generations and do what we can to protect earth’s resources for the future.

It is important too that we use fewer of our planet’s natural resources and cause less pollution, in order to live sustainably.

Making Our Homes Eco-Friendly

It doesn’t matter what size house you live in as there’s always something you can do to make it more eco-friendly. For starters, think about your energy usage. Do you really need a tumble-dryer? It’s all very well buying bamboo baby clothes and other green baby bits and bobs but ideally let them dry naturally and don’t waste energy on them. Buying organic kids clothes is a good start in your efforts to live sustainably but don’t spoil the effect by sticking everything in a very wasteful tumble-dryer. (Lecture over!)

Do all the lights need to still be on in the living room when you and your baby girls dress are sitting eating your dinner in the kitchen? Essentially you need to consider how you can reduce the amount of energy you use to heat your house. If you can do that you will be reducing pollution. Putting good insulation in your home is the first step as if your house can stay at the right temperature then you’ll obviously use less heating.

In an ideal world too, you would try to get your energy from a company who offers green electricity, but one step at a time …

Remember to Recycle

Most of the things we use everyday can be recycled and once you know which ones can’t, it’s easy to stop buying them or at least cut down. Most of the things around us in our daily lives, use up earth’s resources so try as much as possible to look for natural and/or biodegradable products. If there are items in your wardrobe you no longer want, then pass them on or take them to a charity shop.

In brief … Put your food waste in a compost bin and try to buy products with as little packaging as possible. Don’t throw your old mobile in the bin, take it to be recycled. And remember to recycle paper, glass and plastic too. Last but not least, try to source sustainable food.

As parents and grandparents, we all want our planet to give today’s children a healthy tomorrow, so sustainable living is pretty much essential!

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Financial Planning for Children

Secure Your Child’s Future With Financial Planning for Children

Everyone wishes for a peaceful and comfortable life for their children. Children deserve the best and parents opt for financial planning for children to convert their dreams into reality. Fulfilling the child’s dreams and wishes require a lot of planning and money. With the cost of living increasing every year, parents need help with financial planning for their children. Such planning is important to secure the child’s future.

Financial planning for children involves an examination of the financial goals and the best options to save money. It is important to remember that you need to save money for your child’s future as well as you and your family. Financial security is a must for handling any unforeseen circumstances. Every child is different and so are the requirements. One thing is common among the parents of every child and that is they wish the best for their child. Financial planning for children helps you determine the best plan for your child and invest money in the child’s education and future needs.

Here Are Some Tips That Can Help You Plan Your Child’s Future:

1.Creating a Financial Planning in Mind

First of all, you should make an estimate of the expenses needs for your child’s education. Depending on the inflation over investment period or saving period, you can think of a figure that may be needed for the education of your child when he or she grows up. There are a lot of options for financial planning for children in the market. Consider all the benefits and risks of education planning option and achieve your goals with the best financial planning.

2. Setting Up an Automatic System for Regular Investment

You can set up an action plan that automates your investment or saving. Some investment plans collect the funds on a regular basis such as monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and more. This keeps your investment very much disciplined.

Secure Your Child’s Future With Financial Planning for Children

3.Reviewing the Plans

You should keep an eye on the plans from time to time to keep you on track with the target goals. Review the plan at least once a year to get an idea whether the things are moving in the right direction. Check for new ways that can help you reach your investment goals.

4.Top Up As Per Your Income

You can increase the amount of contribution on an annual basis. Topping up your standard investments for financial planning for children can help you achieve a larger fund without any burden. If you received a bonus or salary increment, you can top up the contribution by adding some extra money each month.

5. Look for Lock-in Plans

Some funds allow you to encash or withdraw the funds. If you have some circumstances that need money immediately, you may be tempted to use the child’s funds. Choose funds that do not have easy cashing out options to secure the future of your child.

6.Promote Family Members’ Contribution

It can be a good idea to encourage grandparents or relatives to contribute towards the child’s financial plans. This will help them build a better education fund for your child.

Financial planning for children helps to safeguard and secure the future of the child. Parents should hire financial planners to help them choose the right plan for the child.

Chetan Upadhyay (Carefree Retirement) is a well-established and reputed financial planning company that offers personalized investment plans to the clients and helps them get the best value for the money they spend.

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Making Tax Digital

HMRC are overhauling the way individuals and businesses will be managing their tax affairs. Making Tax Digital (‘MTD’) is the UK Governments latest initiative to being an administration of taxes into the digital age. MTD is effective from April 2019, where VAT will be leading the way for changes; compliance will be compulsory from 1 April 2019 onwards for VAT registered businesses over the VAT threshold. This means that businesses will be required to maintain their bookkeeping digitally and upload their VAT records to HMRC using approved third-party commercial software. It is worth noting that businesses below the VAT threshold are not required to comply with these requirements but can do so if they wish.


It is therefore important for businesses to consider whether their current accounting software has the correct functionality to comply with the requirements of MTD. Under the guidance of HMRC, the software is required to keep and preserve accounting entries in the digital form, and the VAT return should be completed and processed from this data. The UK Government is aiming to remove the reliance of VAT reporting on spreadsheets as there is the inherent risk of errors in maintaining accounting information on spreadsheets. Hence, the government recommends that spreadsheets are only permitted to the extent that the 3rd party software has APIs (‘Application Programming Interface’) to create a digital link between the Local accountants near me business and HMRC.

The Government plans to bring other taxes into the scope of MTD, but will only do so once they have evidence that the transition of VAT has proven to be successful. The planned date for other taxes such as income tax and corporation tax is at the earliest April 2020.
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Why You Need SEO?

It seems like everyone has a website these days. I say that it seems that way because I haven’t seen them all. I haven’t even seen 1 % of websites out there. It’s a real shame because there are a lot of good sites I haven’t found. The reason is because not everyone is using SEO to their advantage. Instead, it’s ignored and kind of a mystery. A wise man once said “good SEO Colorado is like colouring the needle in the haystack pink, and then giving directions on where it’s located”. Because Without doing those things, you may never find that needle. Without good SEO it will be very hard for people to find your site. Unless you’re happy paying a lot of money on paid traffic.

SEO Colorado

SEO Colorado

Why do you need SEO?

There are many advantages of good SEO. The main attraction is the free traffic. This is arguably the best kind of traffic available. You won’t need to spend a lot of money for clicks on ads or anything. This is the closest thing to free money. That is the most attractive part of SEO. Not only will you look good in the eyes of Google, but all the other search engines as well. Add up all of that organic traffic and you will have an easier time getting impressions, clicks, and sales.

You need good SEO to make your site worth more money. The more exposure you get, the more your website is worth. Also, if you are planning on displaying Adsense, you need better Colorado SEO Services to help Google display the targeted ads you want them to show. You have to beat out your competitors for that top spot. The only way you are going to do that is with good on-page and off-page SEO. It may be difficult to incorporate Search Engine Optimization, but in the end you will be happy you did.

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Now it’s Official: Outgoing Links Are a Ranking Factor

For a long time, especially in the course of the Domain Authority Sculpting debate, it was discussed whether outbound links are conducive to the ranking of a page (in terms of added value for the user), or have a negative impact on the positioning because one received link juice other pages.

Matt Cutts commented on this topic in person, saying that outgoing links can positively influence the google ranking.
Cutts says that, like Google, pages are less trusted when they link to spammy pages, or into a bad neighborhood (ie, bad neighborhoods – such as malware-driven pages), the search engine favors pages in the opposite direction, and links to good pages put SEO San Jose CA.

Now it is clear that it is important not only in the backlink generation, to pick the pages from which the links come, but also in the outbound link.

For some readers less familiar with search engine optimization, the question now is what Cutts means by “good” and “bad” pages.

In general, the question can be answered in such a way that Google classifies a page as “good” if the search engine submission has a high level of confidence in the website. This trust is only partially reflected in the DA. Rather, it is about whether the site is reputable and has high-quality content, is constantly updated, and whether in recent years it has not been punished due to unfair methods.

Search engine Optimisation

Conversely, “bad” pages have no relevant and good content, offer the user no value and are often full of spam. In addition, they were punished and do not have a good ranking in Google’s search results.

Of course, these two definitions are very extreme and in between, there is a lot of room for maneuver – a kind of gray area, so to speak. For this reason, it must always be decided individually in each case, whether it is a good or a bad side. A good San Jose SEO Company will develop a sense of that over time and will not have a detailed checklist after which it rates a page.

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organic clothes baby

Eco Friendly Activities for Kids

Eco Friendly Activities for Kids

If you’re here reading this blog, it’s probably because you are ‘green at heart’ and have an interest in environmental protection and all things sustainable. You’re fed up of all those disposable coffee cups littering the banks of our motorway slip-roads? Perhaps your little one is already a green baby and wears organic clothes baby and cloth nappies already or you’re simply thinking of dumping the disposables in favour of them? Whichever it is, now you have a child you are keen to live a greener life . And what better way to start than thinking about fun green activities to do with your child?

Fun Eco-Friendly Activities

organic clothes baby

organic clothes baby

Make Music

Forget about buying bespoke baby and toddler ‘musical instruments’ in a box covered in loads of plastic and use whatever you have in the house. You don’t need to spend money to buy ethical baby toys. You can fill a kitchen container with rice and your little ones can shake it to make a lovely sound. Or you can fill a container with a few teaspoons to make a completely different noise. Then of course the kids could simply turn a saucepan upside-down and hit it with a wooden spoon to make a drum. And don’t forget the old favourite!. Fill a few bottles with varying amounts of water and lo and behold your little one can make all manner of musical sounds. A veritable orchestra in your kitchen alone!

Make Jewellery

It’s dead easy to make a button bangle or necklace. All you need is a piece of string or wool and lots of buttons and away you go … It’s cheap, it’s fun and if the children want to help sort and count the buttons, then you can help them with their colours and numbers at the same time.

Pasta Jewellery is also a big favourite with young children from toddlers up. All you need is some uncooked hollow pasta like Penne, a plastic bag, some hand sanitiser and some food colouring. There’re plenty of tips online but the best way is to put the pasta in a plastic bag (preferably a zippy bag of some kind) with some hand sanitiser and shake to cover. Then all you need to do is pop a bit of food-colouring in, shake again and pour the coloured pasta out to dry off. Once dry, help your little one thread onto string or wool to make jewellery or with a little glue and paper they can even make pasta pictures or birthday cards!

Old Socks

Ok so let’s be fair, every house has a stash of odd socks and old socks. (How is it possible that an even number of socks can go in a washing machine but only an odd number comes out?) Anyway why not make some Sock Puppets with those odd socks? White are best for obvious reasons but any old socks with do to be honest. You can even make Door Stoppers with old socks. Just get the children to fill them with sand or something similar and decorate the outside however they want and with whatever you have hanging around. Who knew socks had so much potential?

So there we are, three eco crafts to be getting on with. Come back and have a look soon and we’ll give you a few more ideas for things to do with potatoes and brown paper bags!

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VR arcades in toronto

Best HTC Vive Games

Virtual Reality! It’s as Interesting as it sounds. Imagine no more boring laptop screens and transforming any place into a battlefield or a park. Now that we know about VR games and its interesting features, let us get to know more about one of the top most discussed VR game developers, HTC Vive. Developed by HTC and Valve Corporation, It was released very recently in the year of 2016 in April. The HTC Vive  is a virtual reality headset which has the ability to turn your living room into a 3D VR arcade. This amazing invention takes you into a different virtual world where you can interact with the newly developed spaces and characters naturally. Walk, speak and interact all naturally!

HTC Vive will make anyone travel beyond their imagination. This awesome tool lets you do things which you never thought you could! Want to be in the war zone and shoot the heads of your enemies? Wish to get into a real supercar and drive at the top speed? Want to throw a stone at a stranger? Now say yes to all of these with HTC Vive. Transform your boring life into a dream world. Let us get to know some of the awesome games for you to enjoy with HTC Vive. LevelUp Reality has the latest technology in HTC Vive and is one of the best and top rated VR arcades in toronto where you can explore new worlds playing the following games:

VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

  1. Vanishing Realms
    Vanishing Realms
VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

You are The Legend of Zelda, playing his role according to your movements! A short but an enthralling game. You can take the sword and kill all the undead knights, and hunt them in creepy stoned wall buildings! Swing the sword and block the attacks all by yourself. This game is going to be one of the most thrilling games for you to play. Explore through teleporting and your space will become your battle zone!

  1. Space Pirate Trainer
    Space Pirate Trainer
VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

This game is developed for any gamers who love shooting. Don’t get scared when blaring lasers come to you from all directions of the battlefield! When a group of drones come to attack you, you have to fire at them with your laser guns, and also defend yourself using the shield you possess. It’s such an addictive game once you get your shooting fever on.

  1. The Lab
    The Lab
VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

A visit to the LevelUp VR arcade will have you exploring The Lab. This game is basically a group of seven to eight games included in one single game. Each game is short but entertainment is guaranteed! This is developed by the developers of HTC Vive themselves and is the best game to get introduced to HTC Vive as it presents before us all the basic concepts of Virtual Reality gaming.

  1. Hover Junker
    Hover Junker
VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

This multiplayer shooting game is for all who wants to experience a different level of shooting thrill. A very thrilling game which allows you to move around your room but still feel like you’re chasing your enemies on a hovercraft! This awesome tool gives you a greater locomotion, out of your rooms.

  1. Tilt Brush
    Tilt Brush
VR arcades in toronto

VR arcades in toronto

What about drawing in three dimensions? Sounds interesting, hmm?  Developed by Google, this great app lets you draw your imaginations and walk around watching them. This can be extremely trippy as it has many tools for you to make it look like psychedelic images. Get high on drawing and have the ultimate fun!

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Pastor Chris

The Mirror Principle

As Christians, we’re called to live and act like God. How is that possible? You might want to ask! This has been made possible through the mirror principle of the Word. The Word of God is the mirror of God. The Bible says anyone who hears the Word and doesn’t act accordingly is like a man who sees himself in a mirror, turns around and forgets what he looks like (James 1:23-24). In other words, God expects you to hear His Word and do what it says.

The problem, however, is that many don’t know how to do the Word of God. Now, the mirror principle of the Word is that you see yourself as what God sees you be in His Word, and then act accordingly. It simply means acting the Word. For instance, in the Word, the mirror of God, He says, you’re a new creation in Christ Jesus. That is God’s image and reflection of you. See that image and endorse it. Act like it’s true; for it’s true. Again, He shows you in the Word that you’re the righteousness of God in Pastor Chris Jesus; see it so.

That’s His image of you. Seeing yourself in the Word, the mirror of God, and acting accordingly is the way to live in the reality of your inheritance in Christ. That’s how to enjoy all that God has made available to you in Christ Jesus. So keep looking in the mirror of God; keep studying and listening to the Word of God. As you do, you’ll be transfigured to become more and more like the glory you see in the Word. This is the mirror principle of the Word.

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Calabasas pool remodeling


Have Renovation in Mind?

There is a saying in the renovation industry, “Renovation is like a box of chocolates, you don’t always know what you are going to get.”

And it only adds to the problem, that the scheduled upkeep of our swimming pools is often one of the last thing which comes to our minds. A luxury; seldom appreciated, often misused.

It is for the same reason that when you do decide to spend on the upkeep of your pool, it has to be a calculated and meticulous decision.

We know it may seem a little overwhelming and frightening at first, but trust us; a well thought out plan is going to save you hundreds of your hard-earned dollars.

Before we dive into the finer details, first let us understand the various instances when and why your pool may need pool refurbishment.

Calabasas pool remodeling

Calabasas pool remodeling

  1. You Notice a Gradual Drop in Water Level

There could be several factors contributing to the fall of water level. Your pool probably has its floor glass mosaic pool tiles eroded. This means that the tiles which were supposed to act as a barrier between the water volume and the ever so thirsty ground, have given away to erosion.

Water could be slowly seeping into the earth.

Another possible reason for this could be a faulty plumbing leaking somewhere. If such is the case, then no, a simple water sealant won’t fix it. You need to call in the professionals.

  1. The Floor’s Friction Has Reduced

Although contrary to popular belief, that eventually the floor erodes and feels rougher to the touch, a fault in the filter and pumping mechanism can lead to sediment deposition on the floor, and render the floor texture slippery.

Why should this be a matter of concern? It is because sediments encourage the growth of the slimy moss on the floor. This poses a two-fold threat.

A floor that is difficult to stand upon and a greenish tint in the pool waters.

  1. It Feels Outdated And Defunct

With the exponential increment in technology and designs, it is quite normal to feel that your pool is already dated even if it is just a few years old.

That, or the fact that old plumbing and pumps would be better off with a replacement after years of service.

You would definitely not want your pool to stick out as a sore thumb in your beautiful garden parties and celebrations, would you?

  1. The Plumbing Has Worn Out

Sometimes, even if we are up to date with the maintenance of the pool and its equipments, it is possible for a few components to give away after prolonged use.

Plumbing is one such part of the pool. A vital component which renders the pool inoperative eventually if not corrected instantly.

How does one know if plumbing is at fault? For starters, you notice that it takes longer for the pool to refill. A reduction in water level could also be pointing at a leaking pipe in the structure which needs immediate attention.

  1. It is Simply Dreary

We would suggest you to go for renovation if you feel that the act of spending time outdoors in the pool has become monotonous.

Perhaps you could add a water slide for kids, or a ramp for adults to jump from.

These simple additions would help a lot in turning the ambience up a notch.

A Few Ideas You Could Consider for Renovation

  1. Fountains and Falls

Like we said, no one wants a fun activity to become monotonous. Adding something as simple as a fountain, or a shiny new slide goes a long way to add to the mood.

  1. Change or Add Some Night Lights

You must have noticed in many Hollywood movies that how picturesque the pool, which is lighted properly, looks at night.

Some small LED lights beneath the surface of the water, or on the side walls, truly add to the beautiful atmosphere near a pool.

A night swim with a glass of champagne will never be the same again!

  1. Modify the Shape And Add Beautiful Designs

Perhaps when remodelling, you could shape it like an 8. Or you could strip away the old obsolete tiles and replace them with exciting new designs.

How about adding a few plastic animals here and there? You may notice that kids suddenly seem too eager to swim and play around the pool. We recommend experimenting with various looks.

And Finally, Picking The Right Remodelling Company

Does the Company Have a Good Track Record?

We have seen many people spend their precious and hard-earned money on shady contractors who have bad or no track record. It is always prudent to perform a background check on the said company. You could ask around town, or enquire from your friends who already have a pool. It helps, always.

Are They Legitimate And Do They Have the Proper Clearance?

Unknown to the general population, it is fairly easy to fall prey to fraudulent contractors and agencies. It is always best to seek agencies which have the membership of The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, and whose technicians are CPO certified.

This ensures prompt and quality service as you have a governing body to complain or fall back on.

Do They Cater to Your Needs and Have The Desired Expertise?

If the company that you are planning to hire is incapable of implementing your choices and designs, it is always better to move on and pick out another, than trying to negotiate a middle road. Sift through their history for any grievances from past employers, and this will give you a clue as to whether they fit the bill or not.

We Are Here to Help!

Who knew that a task as simple as remodeling your pool can seem so daunting and befuddling? But this thorough planning is necessary if you want to spend just and spend right.

Life has given us plenty of things to worry about; don’t let the puny pool be another taskmaster!

Armed with our highly-skilled technicians for Calabasas Pool Remodeling Service, you will have the best pool to boast about in the neighborhood. Just give us a quick call and we’ll handle everything from there!

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