5 Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Business

The use of video to promote your business – via services such as YouTube and, more recently, Vine – has exploded over recent years and it’s more important than ever to use video to promote your business.

A number of a small business website now have their own YouTube channel, and also embed videos on their websites and in their social media pages to create a new way of communicating with current and potential customers, suppliers and other people.

But to use video to promote your business or not to use video to promote your business? If you have not yet considered it, we at The Startup Guys have put together five suggestions for your first foray into this world. Here we go!

1. Promoting Products and Services

Video can be used to promote products and services in a wealth of ways. You can produce product or service demonstrations to highlight their features and show how they work, this is a great way to use video to promote your business.

You can ask third parties to film product reviews, or create product or service presentations to show the differences between you and your competitors.

2. Introduce Yourself

By using video to introduce members of the team and the company itself, to provide the company’s background story and to let people know what your business is about, you can bring a wealth of information to life that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.

If a lot of your business is conducted online, this is a great way to make your brand more real and trustworthy.


3. Customer Support and Reference

Video can be used to provide testimonials and case studies from customers, along with highlighting your company’s success stories.

It also provides a great way to provide customer support without the need for training manuals and can act as a replacement for FAQ pages on your website designers UK

If you use video to promote your business with this method, you’ll be an absolute rockstar to new customers.

4. Advertising and Marketing

The possibilities here are endless. Use videos to create online ads or infomercials, or create a viral video to promote the brand that is so clever, funny or outrageous that viewers will be compelled to share it, spreading your brand even further than before.

You can even use video on your website’s landing page, to provide site visitors with an introduction to the company that stands out from the competition.

5. Behind the Scenes Video

Help to personalize your brand and show your customers who you really are by offering a behind the scenes video tour of the company.

Customers and potential customers will be able to see you as a group of people rather than a faceless brand, engendering a greater degree of trust.

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